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Firs and Cedars by Peter Nowotnik

Score and parts

Soprano, flute, cello and piano  c.8'00
Lyrics based on works by Michael Ben Zechabe - excerpts of "Song of Songs", Chapter 1. Composed 2013.

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Firs and Cedars - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720159027


General' Garden, The by Peter Mcnamara

Score and part

Baritone and piano c.10.00'
The lyrics are taken from extracts of letters from General Sir John Monash written while he was on active duty at Gallipoli. After such intensive fighting his letters home were filled with longing for his former life and in particular his garden. A solemn and introspective song in 'lieder' tradition but includes more modern techniques.  Winner of the Gallipoli Songs Prize in 2015.  Composed 2014.
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The General's Garden - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159010


Bloodying of Innocence, The by Brennan Keats

Score and parts

For flute quartet.  c.6'30
This work is intended to be performed in those concerts or broadcasts that may transpire before two National days of importance, namely ANZAC Day and Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day.
The work portrays the innocence the young men and women took with them to war and which was truly bloodied and destroyed by the process of conflict. The centrepiece of the composition is the sounding of the Last Post by the bass flute with echoes by the flute and alto flute both underpinned by ominous beats from the contra bass flute. Composed 2015.
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The Bloodying of Innocence  - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151298


Fantasies and Wildness by Brennan Keats

Score and parts

Two bass flutes and a cello.  c.12'00
Throughout the three movements the low flutes, led and supported by the cello, portray the jigs, dances and laments of the Irish people.  At the end, despite adversity they win through with the lilt of their laughter and their smiling eyes.  Composed 2014
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The Beauty of Wildness - sheet music

Reality's Sadness - sheet music

Angelic Tenacity - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151298


Calling the Cows by Diana Blom


Seven variations for tenor trombone on ‘Guardame las vacas’
Composed 2015.
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Calling the Cows - sheet music samples

 ISMN 9790720151946


Variations for Solo Cello by Diana Blom


Seven variations for solo cello.
This work, like Renaissance variations, have no theme.  Instead they work with a harmonic structure plus recurring figures.  
Composed 1978.
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Variations for Solo Cello - sheet music samples

 ISMN 9790720151939


Movement by Horace Keats


Vocal and Chamber Music by Horace Keats (1895-1945), performed by soprano Louise Page and pianist Phillipa Candy and The Linden String Quartet formed with artists from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Marina Marsden and Emily Long (violins), Justine Marsden (viola), Elizabeth Neville (cello), as well as Janet Web (flute).
This CD of Keats' music presents the opportunity to demonstrate that his compositions extended beyond songs written for voice and piano, for which he is so well known, and that his musical output is far broader than people know and so is worthy of attention.
The performance by these outstanding musicians displays colour and sensitivity with rare musical intuition in interpreting this fine composer.

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Two Movements for String Quartet
 1.   Sea Wraith
 2.   Allegro Ampolloso
 3.  Echo
 4.  Quietly Dreaming (arr. Brennan Keats)
 5.  In What Other Places do You Live?
 6.  Plucking the Rushes
 7.  The Fishing Pools
 8.  The Point of Noon
 9.  Yellow Bracken
 10. Early in Autumn
 11. Movement

 Wirr 050


Starseed by Phillip Wilcher


Solo piano, c.4'05
There's a window in the sky /Where a guardian light appears, /As a breeze draws back /Each curtain of cloud/ The light allays all fears,/And through the window /The reflection seen /Of the connection we all share, /Is of a love everlasting,/Life's eternal dream ... /The journey of a starseed/From here to there.

Composed 2015. 
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Starseed - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151953


Right Royal Flush, A by Jocelyn E Kotchie


5 reinventied nursery rhymes for advanced pianists
This collection contains a handful of favourite nursery rhymes with a royal theme.
1  Those Fiddlers Three, c.4'00
2  Sweet Lavender, c.4'30
3  All the King's Horses, c.2'45
4  A Pocketful of Jazz, c.3'30
5  And He Marched Them Up and Down, c.3'30
Composed 2015

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Those Fiddlers Three- sheet music
Sweet Lavender - sheet music
All the King's Horses - sheet music
A Pocketful of Jazz - sheet music
And He Marched Them Up and Down - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151885


Are You Bored Enough to Practice? by Joanne Burrows


 20 solo piano pieces for Intermediate to Advanced Grades.
Each piece offers a number of technical challenges to assist students with classical and modern repertoire.
Each work may be used in a number of different ways to suit student development. For example:
Studies to work on and develop the student skills and musicianship
Quick Learn Pieces- learn and memorise one each week
Sight Reading Exercises
Performance Pieces
Composed 2015


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Are You Bored Enough to Practice? - sheet music samples
 ISMN 9790720151700


Craters of Rhea - Double Bass by Keyna Wilkins


Double bass and loop pedal, c.8'00. Level of difficulty:  A.Mus.  

The composer imagines the craggy and sharp but beautiful shapes of the ice craters of Rhea (second largest of Saturn's moons) and interprets them musically in the opening motifs. The loop pedal for electric double bass is explored with use of a repeated and recorded 5 bar theme over which there is some notated lines and some structured improvisation, giving the work an optimistic resolution.   Composed 2013, revised 2015

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 Craters of Rhea - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720140254


Sight Reading Adventures, Grades 4 - 7 by Miriam Hyde

Teaching Resource

Sight reading for pianists from Grades 4 - 7.

Books for Grades 1 - 3 also available, and books for Polyphonics and Grade 8 - Dip. will be available by late 2015.

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Sight Reading Adventures - music samples
 ISMN 9790720151823