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Affirmations and Aspirations by Mark John McEncroe


The composer, Mark John McEncroe, takes inspiration from all genres of musical endeavours. His aim is to create an emotional response to his compositions, as is echoed in the titles of his works.
These superb recordings are performed by The Janacek Phillharmonic Orchestra in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic. Conducted by Anthony Armore with orchestration by Mark J Saliba.

Wirr 063

Sheet album of all pieces are available online.
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Fanfare Suite
Hope and Optimism
Honesty Sincerity and Integrity
Confidence, Exuberance, Open Mindedness
Joy and Positivity
Symphonic Poem
The Passing
Symphonic Poem
A Celebration of the Natural World



Speakyeasy Suite by John Martin


Solo piano.  Professional level
Suite of four pieces: Snappy Dude, Mellow After Midnight, Bittersweet, Livewire
Composed 2015

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Speakeasy Suite - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720151731


Suite for Diana by Ann Carr-boyd


Harpsichord solo.
Three folk songs from different countries form the basis of this suite as well as two short interludes that can be used anywhere in the suite.
i  The Wild Colonial Boy - Australian folk song of Irish origin
ii Two Latvian Folk Songs - Kastee tahdi, kas dseedaja and Ej, saulite, drihs pee Deewa
iii  GulumkanTraditional Arabic Song.
Composed 2014.

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Suite for Diana - sheet music



Burst of Bushflowers, A by Amanda Handel


Solo piano, c.2'15. Grade 7.
The emotional simplicity of the tune conveys an easy-going enjoyment of nature, while the background chordal and percussive components represent the surrounding organic elements such as: soil and rocks, leaf litter and root systems, trees and bushes, insect and birdlife…. The music celebrates the inter-connectedness of all things in the natural world. The piece is written on a B flat tonic pitch in pentatonic tonality.  Composed 2012

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Burst of Bushflowers - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720151748


PHI by Andrew Kyracou


5 pieces for solo piano.
1.  Nautilus, c.8'30
2.  Helianthus, c.2'15
3.  Parthenon, c.3'20
4.  Mona Lisa, c.5'50
5.  Orion, c.1'10
Composed 2015
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Nautilus - sheet music
Helianthus- sheet music
Parthenon- sheet music
Mona Lisa - sheet music
Orion - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151724


War and Peace by Colin Bright


SATB.  c.13'30
For discount on multiple copies contact  Composed 1994
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War and Peace - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720151274


Making My Own Music Anthology by Joanne Burrows


Ideally used as an extension or addition to Making My Own Music - the Art of Keyboard Improvisation Made Easy, these pieces in Making My Own Music, Anthology students start from different positions, skill sets and interest and so the pieces can be used in any order suitable. Feel free to simplify chord progressions if needed, and or to add 7th chords, substitute chords and such to those given. Mix and match and vary the order of using the repertoire of this  book in the best way to develop student improvisation skills. You can also give students just the chord progressions without the tunes, so they may experiment with improvisation of melody.  Make sure students try many different ways of adding chords, accompaniment patterns, substitute chords, tempos, fillers and arrangements. Try using just the chord progressions alone without the given tune. Try improvisation with a friend and make the solo into a duet.  Compiled 2014


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Making My Own Music Anthology - sheet music samples
 ISMN 9790720151342


Let's Play It Together, Book 2 by Learne Faint


Piano pieces for 4, 6 and 8 hands, Grades: 2 - 4
Being pattern friendly, these pieces are excellent for the kinaesthetic and aural learner allowing them to hear and feel the patterns first before seeing the patterns in notation form and will assist in greater understanding of the reading process.    Composed 2014
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  Let's Play it Together - Book 2 - sheet music samples

 ISMN 9790720151595


Labyrinths of Lowness by Peter Sheridan, Monash University Flute Ensemble


 Monash University Flute Ensemble conducted by Peter Sheridan with Alice Bennett, solo bass flute.  This CD features works specifically composed and arranged for the low flutes ensemble, which is a modern collection of larger flutes that play below the tone known as middle C. On this recording are flutes that play as low as cellos, double string basses and even tubas and organ pipes.  The innovative performances of this Ensemble have added value to the growing Australian and International flute-ensemble repertoire as well as to the overall creativity of the flute family.

Wirr 064


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1 Jesu, Meine Freude ( J.S. Bach arr Vincent Giles/Peter Sheridan)
 2  Labyrinths of Lowness (Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda)
 3  Romance (J. Brahms arr Ann Cameron-Pearce)
 4  Anagrammata (Paul Ballam-Cross)
 5  Three Short Pieces (i) Jazmine Morris
 6  Three Short Pieces (ii)
7  Three Short Pieces (iii)
 8  Sherill's Little Song (Houston Dunleavy
 9  Lyric Song (Michal Rosiak)
 10  An Ancient Irish Melody (Brennan Keats)
 11  Illuminations (arr. Nancy Nourse)
 12  In The Hills (Jazmine Morris)
 13  Winter's Twilight (Emma Rogers)
 14  'Vos Planetarium' (Russell Scarborough)



One Tuesday in September by Phillip Wilcher


Solo piano, c.5'30. Advance grade
Composed 2001.

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One Tuesday in September - sheet music


Forever beneath the waves by Phillip Wilcher


Solo piano, c.1'40
Composed 2003.

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Forever beneath the waves - sheet music