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Symphony No. 3 by Paul Paviour


The Year 1942, c.25'00
The music of this work does not mirror any particular event of that period, more the emotions and thoughts, sadness and relief of the people involved in that year, arguably, the most decisive year in history of mankind. It is to a certain extent autobiographical, from the distant memories of a very small boy growing up.  Composed 1987 rev. 2015
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Symphony No. 3 - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159362


Path is Found, A by Robert Burrell


SATB unaccompanied choir.
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Composed 2014.

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A Path is Found - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720159355


Transcendent Other by Robert Burrell

Score and parts

Viola and piano, c.4'50
The work is a free serial composition with some opportunity for ad lib pitch variants and some cluster-chords.  Composed 2014.

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Transcendent Other - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720159379


Sootie by Robert Burrell

Score and parts

Stage Band for advanced school students
Sootie is a smooth 'cool jazz' like work with an overall 'laid back' feel. Suitable as a gentle number between more lively presentations. It is in rondo form with the saxophones featured in the A sections. It gets its title from a black alley cat.
Composed 2012 rev. 2015

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Sootie - sheet music
 ISMN 97907201405386


Remembrances Four by Diana Blom


Song cycle for soprano and piano, c.7'00
Texts by Australian and Turkish WW1 Gallipoli veterans, Charles Bingham, Bill de Saxe, Tom Usher, Mustafa Koha, Lionel Simpson and Adil Shahin,
1.  Enlisting c.1"00
2.  The Landings - Morning, c.1:06; Getting to Shore, c.1"45
3.  Morning Star, c.2:15
4.   Goodnight Gallipoli, c.2"15
Composed 2015
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Remembrances Four - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720159348


Reverie, A by Percy Brier


Organ solo c.5'00.
This organ work was possibly heard for the first time at a Sunday evening service at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church on 8 September 1912, but a more public debut occurred within the ‘Brisbane Composers’ Concert’ at the Exhibition Hall on 31 July 1913.  This critical edition is in all likelihood the first publication of one of the more significant larger works composed by the Queenslander Percy Brier (1885-1970).  Composed 1912, edited by Peter Roennfeldt, Griffith University, Queensland 2015.

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A Reverie - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159331


Escapades by John Carmichael


Chamber music by John Carmichael.  In this recording, melody and thematic material are the starting points in the process of creating a well wrought musical structure designed to engage the interest of the listener.
In the words of the composer, “Music has always been for me an escape into a fantasy world where imagined landscapes, images and adventures engage and delight, so the portmanteau title ‘Escapades’ for this disc can serve to encompass all the works therein".
Escapades is performed by Sylvie Leprohon flute, Stephen Robinson oboe, Antony Gray piano.

Wirr 071


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Escapades - flute, oboe and piano
1.  Games
 2.  Idyll
 3.  Escaping the Blues
 4.  To a Happy Ending
Fantasy Sonata - flute and piano
 5.  Allegro moderato
 6.  Lento
7.  Allegro vivace
Postcards - piano
 8.  Russian Song
 9.  Autumn Spell
10.  Courtly Dance
 11.  Solitaire
 12 . Caribbean
Sonata - Music Grave and Gay - oboe and piano
 13.  Allegro moderato
 14.  Lento
15.  Allegro

16.  Nocturne for Eve



Wirripang Special Account No 2 by Various composers

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Dialogues - Narratives on the oneness of being by Phillip Wilcher


Phillip Wilcher's book Dialogues  to quote the writer; "I  present myself as a writer, who has composed words suggestive of music, their texture and rhythm being as much a measure of each as the initial shadows of thought that inspired them".  Once more in the back of Phillip's mind when working on this project is Thomas Kelly and the magnificent organisation (The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation) that has evolved  as a consequence of Thomas' untimely and tragic death.  To quote Phillip again; "charity - when exercised with clarity - never fails; that the practice of such charity - the voluntary giving to those in need that sees our humanity at its best - reflects the beauty of divine  beneficence". 

 ISBN 9781876829377


Brass Quintet by Robert Burrell

Score and parts

A four-movement work for brass quintet created from transcriptions of birdcalls.
First Movement: Pied Butcherbird - c.3:00
Second Movement: Dappled Light - c.3:40
Third Movement: Fantasia - c.4:15
Fourth movement: Grey Butcherbird - c.1:50

Composed 2010 rev. 2015

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Brass Quintet - 4 Movements sheet music samples
Brass Quintet - lst movement audio
Brass Quintet - 2nd movement audio
Brass Quintet - 3rd movement audio
Brass Quintet - 4th movement audio

 ISMN 9790720159065


Fandangle Indeed Again by Stephen Yates

Score and parts

Recorder Quartet, c.8'00
Composed 2000
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Fandangle Indeed Again - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159317


Emergence by John Peterson

Score and parts

Flute sextet, c.7'00
The title of this work reflects the manner in which the music in each section gradually unfolds and ‘emerges’ from small embryonic ideas and cells of musical material. There is also a subtle suggestion of the word ‘emergency’, or perhaps in this case more correctly of ‘emerging urgency’ which, in the context of the work, reflects the fast paced energy and rhythmic momentum that dominates the music in the first and final sections.
Emergence was the winning entry in the Australian Flute Festival Composition Competition 2015. It was first performed by Melissa Doecke (piccolo), Lauren Gorman (flute1), Georgia Williams (flute 2), Michaud Munday (flute 3), David Shaw (alto flute), and Peter Sheridan (bass flute), conducted by Elisabeth Hobbs, at School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra, on 4 October, 2015.
Composed 2015

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Emergence - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720159324