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Double Trouble Let's Begin by Joanne Burrows, Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn E Kotchie


18 diverse piano duets -  for beginner students.
The duets include small pieces that can be learnt aurally, by rote, a selection of pieces using various five-finger and middle C positions that could be read by two beginners, and others where the tonal qualities of the piano can be explored.
It is never too early to get students with a partner of like age and ability to play together. The duets in this book have been ‘road tested’ by students aging from 6 years to 12 years old, as well as fellow teachers. It is amazing how playing with someone else improves the student’s rhythmic awareness and develops their aural skills while having fun.
A delightful collaboration between three amazingly talented composers - Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn E Kotchie and Joanne Burrows. Double Trouble Let's Begin precedes their three other duet books Double Trouble Books 1, 2 and 3.
Composed 2017

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Double Trouble Let's Begin - sheet music samples

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Double Trouble Book 3 by Joanne Burrows, Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn E Kotchie


9 diverse piano duets -  for advanced pianists - Grades 6-8.
A delightful collaboration between three amazingly talented composers - Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn Kotchie and Joanne Burrows.   The piano duets in Book 3 include a variety of styles: jazz, popular, contemporary and pseudo-classical.
Composed 2017

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Double Trouble Book 3 - sheet music samples


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Ascendance by Mark Matthews


13 piano solos on life, love and friendship.
This set of piano solos, starting with the first letter of the musical alphabet, is the opening of a septology, which progressively follows the keys from A – G.
In this set, the Ionian, minor, Aeolian (natural minor) keys and modes are the palate for compositions.
Composed 2017.

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Ascendance - sheet music


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Those Fiddlers Three by Jocelyn E Kotchie


Piano duet for advanced students.
Often there is an historical context for nursery rhymes – whether securely or loosely based on fact or as the result of local or urban mythology, passed down through the generations. This duet has been adapted from the solo piece of the same name, taken from my suite, ‘A Right Royal Flush’: a satirical reinvention of five favourite nursery rhymes with a medieval flavour and a jazz twist.

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Those Fiddlers Three - sheet music

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Right Royal Flush, A by Jocelyn E Kotchie


5 re-inventied nursery rhymes for advanced pianists, suggested 7th grade to Diploma
This collection contains a handful of favourite nursery rhymes with a royal theme. Composed 2015


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Those Fiddlers Three
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Sweet Lavender
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All the Kings' Horses
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A Pocketful of Jazz
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And He Marched Them Up and Down
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The full, hard copy bound quality paper book includes CD.

Below are samples of each piece and audio excerpts.

Those Fiddlers Three - sheet music, c.4'00
Sweet Lavender - sheet music, c.4'30
All the King's Horses - sheet music, c.2'45
A Pocketful of Jazz - sheet music, c.3'30
And He Marched Them Up and Down - sheet music, c.3'30

These pieced performed here by Jovanni-Rey de Pedro



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Awesome Aural by Joanne Burrows

Resource book for HSC Music 1 Aural Skills

HELPFUL HINTS and handwritten format to improve HSC AURAL answers.

•    Study suggestions
•    Practice questions
•    Sample answers

- Do You have a problem?
- Creative Ways to Study Aural
- Exam strategies: writing the answer in the exam
- Suggestions for setting out your HSC Music 1 Aural answers
- Always-Often-Never
- Suggested Outlines
The book is  available as instant download only and is priced accordingly to assist students with their HSC aural music exam.
Compiled 2017
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 ISBN 9781876829490

Too Cool by Joanne Burrows

Resource book for Theory, Musicianship, Music Craft

for all students. 
The Too Cool book was assembled by the author as a ‘go to’ or cheat book for students to quickly find an
•    Explanation
•    Solution
•    Definition
•    Reminder

The book is not an instruction book, nor an exam preparation book. It is a book of helpful ‘tricks’, and ways of explaining, and understanding the theoretical concepts that underpin musical practice. A number of concepts are presented in a variety of ways to accommodate each student’s learning style.
Composed 2017
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Too Cool - contents and resource samples

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Four Bibelots by Robert Burrell

Score and parts

Woodwind Quintet.
The work is an intermediate work consisting of four movements - fast; contrasting slow; choral-like and finally, a dance.
Composed 2016

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Four Bibelots - 4 Movements sheet music samples
  and audio

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Extreme Rhythm by Joanne Burrows


A collection of 33 rhythmic skills for advanced musicians.   Designed for the advanced student to improve sight-reading (often rhythm is the more difficult  problem than the notes); enable performance and playing; develop the ability to maintain tempo and feeling the beat; build confidence. The fifth in a series of similar books - Basic Beats; Clap and Count ; Rhythm Rocks and Death by Rhythm.  Composed 2017
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Extreme Rhythm - sheet music samples

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Reflections by Mark John McEncroe


This recording of piano music by Mark John McEncroe is brilliantly performed by the John Martin.   Monet's garden paintings are reflected by 13 musical images of Japanese gardens resplendent with fishponds and bonsai.  The music is strongly influenced by J S Bach and baroque styling but is given a contemporary feel by considerable use of jazz harmonies of which John has the exceptional touch to so implement.
Wirr 082

Sheet album of all pieces are available online (Reflections & Recollections Vol. 1)

Download samples
A Lazy Summer's Afternoon
Andante Moderato
Dancing in the Light
A Fish with the Blues
The Gargoyle Fountain
Ghosts from the Past
Introspective Moments
Ripples on the Still Water
Shades of Autumn
Shadows in the Water
Shadows of an Old Memory
The Calling
The Pendulum



Ballad of the Canterbury Tales, The by Diana Blom


For soprano, tenor, baritone and piano
Geoffrey Chaucer's classic set of stories, The Canterbury Tales is rich with characters from a range of England's social classes, each making a pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral to visit the shrine of Saint Tomas Becket.  These characters allow solos, duets and trios with the piano supporting each character's personality and plays with a descending eight bell peal of Canterbury Cathedral.  A ballad structure, the song focuses on five pilgrims - the knight, his squire, the nun, the cook and a good wife.  The language is a mixture of Middle English and Modern English.
Composed 2015
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The Ballad of the Canterbury Tales - sheet music

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Senior Music by Meryl Jackson-Kew, Aleksandar Vujic

Teaching Resource

A comprehensive resource textbook for Elective Senior Music

Senior Music is a collection of music pieces that are suitable for music study in years 10, 11 and 12.  It has been designed for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (already covered in our published books 2 and 3), Queensland, Western Australian, Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Certificate of Education and Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training. 
Each topic explores the concepts/elements of music-pitch, duration/rhythm, texture, tone colour/timbre, structure/form, dynamics and expressive techniques, as well as unity and contrast.
Further exploration of each music work is enhanced through research questions in the Musicology section of the book.  This section requires the student to use the process of critical and creative thinking when investigating, analysing and evaluating the music. 
All exercises and questions are designed to be analysed at the student's pace and not under examination conditions.  They can be used to enhance practise in writing graphic notation and aural analysis.  Each excerpt of music has a main focus question.  Also included are other activities which will provide various approaches to aural analysis. 
Music educators and students have options to choose which content from the textbook is relevant to their curriculum and study needs.  The book is also indexed.
Written 2017

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Music - samples

Contents, Listening Guide and Resources


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 ISBN 9781876829483