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23rd Psalm, The - for ATBB by Houston Dunleavy


ATBB, c.4'0
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The 23rd Psalm - sheet music
 ISMN M720011929


23rd Psalm, The - for TTBB by Houston Dunleavy


TTBB, c.4'0
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23rd Psalm - sheet music
 ISMN M720011882


Absent by Phillip Wilcher

score and part

Oboe and piano, c.2'35
Recorded on the CD, Into His Countenance,
Wirr.012, available online
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Absent - sheet music
Absent - audio sample


Advance Australia Fair by Michael Atherton

Score only

A new arrangement for SSATB choir and orchestra
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Advance Australia Fair - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720101293


Africa - A Lullaby (Rice) by Sylvia Rice


Mezzo-soprano or soprano and piano, c.2'50
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Africa - A Lullaby - sheet music
 ISMN M720065793


After Resonance Blues by Bruce Crossman


This piano piece explores the Korean idea of aftertone via interval-colour resonances and string aftertone as well as a Japanese intensification structure, c.7'0
Recorded on the CD, Double Resonances, Wirr.017 available online
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After Resonance Blues - sheet music
After Resonance Blues - audio sample

 ISMN M72600569


All Fall Down (Pretty) by Houston Dunleavy


Soprano and piano c.4'0, Grade: Lic.Dip
Recorded on the CD Simply Songs by soprano Wendy Dixon and pianist David Miller and available online.
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All Fall Down - audio sample
All Fall Down - sheet music

 ISMN M720011936


Allegro and Sarabande de Concert by Phillip Wilcher

Score and part

Cello and piano, c.5'30
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Allegro and Sarabande de Concert- sheet music
 ISMN 9790720093833


Allegro Vivace for Strings by Betty Beath


A companion piece to "Adagio for Strings "Lament for Kosovo". It draws on that work's concluding expressions of optimism, now transformed to express the energy and exhilaration which accompany the joy experienced in a celebration of life. For violin 1, 2, viola, cello and double bass. c.2'40
Parts available on request:
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Allegro Viace for Strings - sheet music
Allegro Vivace for Strings - audio sample
 ISMN M720065


Amarilli - high (Tasso) by Colin Brumby


High voice and piano, c.2'20.
Text by Torquato Tasso.
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Amarilli - audio sample
Amarilli - sheet music


Amarilli - low (Tasso) by Colin Brumby


Low voice and piano, c.2'20.
Text by Torquato Tasso.
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Amarilli - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720093512


Introduction to the Cor Anglais and Oboe, An by Rachel Tolmie

Teaching and information book

Comprehensive guide to the cor anglais and oboe and and extensive repertoire list and valuable program notes.
Welcome to the wonderful world of musical wind instruments! The cor anglais and oboe belong to the class of wind instrument called the double reed. The bassoon and contra-bassoon are the other members of the double-reed family. The purpose of this book is to give you access to the cor anglais and oboe; how to play them, what to play on them and the techniques that will help you play them well.
It is also a vital guide for the music lover as it will inform you as to the repertoire of these instruments and will help promote your listening pleasure. Very little is written about the cor anglais so this book seeks to promote it along with the oboe, both often heard but rarely recognised.
Includes a CD of cor anglais works performed by Rachel Tolmie - Simply, Cor Anglais
 ISBN1876829 12 5