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Amitabha by Michael Hugh Dixon

two scores

For seven brass - (2 x trumpet, 2 x horn, tenor and bass trombones, tuba) c.7'00
 Composed 2001

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Amitabha - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159225


To Julia: Mr Herrick's Bracelet by Richard Peter Maddox

score and parts

Song cycle for tenor and string quartet.
11 songs from a s selection of poems by Robert Herrick.  The poems are addressed to Herrick’s imaginary ideal woman, Julia, and range in mood from playful to passionate. Composed 2001
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To Julia - sheet music



Mascara III by Phillip Wilcher

Score and parts

Three pieces for strings, c.8'00 
The Mascara series of musical portraits is a set of 15 works in all, the inspiration for which were the black and white photographic portraits of legendary Hollywood actresses from the golden years of the silver screen:
Sophia Loren, c.3'30
Ingrid Bergman c.3'20
Frances Farmer c.3'50
Composed 2013

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Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Frances Farmer - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720159218


Waltz Awaiting by Phillip Wilcher


Solo piano, c.3'10. Advanced level of difficulty.
Composed 2015

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Waltz Awaiting - sheet music


Baggy Green Rag by John Martin


Solo piano, c.3'30. Grade Diploma
A fun piece that describes a cricket match using Ragime form. Imagine your favourite cricketer jauntily striding onto the green, teasing his oponents, then hitting for six and the crowd responding with the Mexican wave.  Some significant challenges but once mastered it will be a crowd pleaser! Composed 2010

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Baggy Green Rag - sheet music
 and audio sample
 ISMN 9790720159188


Thorn of the Rose by John Martin


Solo piano, c.5'30. Grade Diploma
The buffs of film music will feel at home here - The Godfather or Lover Story?
A piece to advance touch sensitivity, tempo flexibility and expression.  Composed 2010

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Thorn of the Rose - sheet music
 and audio sample
 ISMN 9790720159171


Six Short Pieces by David Henderson

Score and parts

Flute and piano, c. 11'00
The style should be intimate. This is a dialogue between the flute and the piano.
Composed 2015

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Six Short Pieces - sheet music samples

 ISMN 9790720159133


Air and Water by David Henderson

Score and parts

Six duos for flute and clarinet/or alto flute, c. 11'30
This edition also contains a part for alto flute in G in place of the clarinet. Composed 2014

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Air and Water - sheet music samples

 ISMN 9790720159140


Miniature by David Henderson

Score and parts

Flute, clarinet and piano, c. 1'00
The general style should be relaxed and "cool", almost nonchalant, interrupted only by the
sudden outbursts of sound from the piano in two bars. Composed 2013

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Miniature - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159133


Camellia by Miriam Hyde


A collection of 11 songs for high to medium voice and piano. a
Print music also available as individual songs.
1    Bridal Song (Valarie Barton) c.1'10
2    Camellia (Miriam Hyde) c.0'40
3    Elfin Fantasy (Miriam Hyde) c.1'50
4    Festival Flowers (Valarie Barton) c. 1'25
5    Music (Walter de la Mare) c. 1'50
6    Sea Fantasy (W. Allder Morrison) c.2'10
7    September Camphor-Laurels (Miriam Hyde) c.2'00
8    Sunrise by the Sea (Miriam Hyde) c.3'30
9    The Cedar Tree (Viva Counsell) c.1'40
10  When the Wattle-Tree Blooms (Miriam Hyde) c.2'10
11  Yorkshire Picture (Miriam Hyde) c.1'50

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 1  Bridal Song - sheet music
 2  Camellia - sheet music
 3  Elfin Fantasy - sheet music
 4  Festival Flowers - sheet music
 5  Music - sheet music
 6  Sea Fantasy - sheet music
 7  September Camphor-Laurels - sheet music
 8  Sunrise by the Sea - sheet music
 9  The Cedar Tree - sheet music
 10  When the Wattle-Tree Blooms - sheet music
 11  Yorkshire Picture - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720115351


Toccata by May Howlett


Solo piano, c. 2'40, Grade 7/8

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Toccata - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159041


Reminiscence by May Howlett


Solo piano, c. 2'30, Grade 7/8
Composed 2010

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Reminiscence - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720159157