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Poetry of the Preludes, The by Phillip Wilcher


Chopin's Preludes as poems  ... and other occasional writings.

The premise for this volume was to present Chopin’s Preludes as something other than what they are, without forsaking their genre of expression, a literary work in the form of poetry as equally evocative of the inner voice and measured workings of the music as the music might itself be suggestive; to intimate by way of analogy something of a guide towards their interpretation without intruding upon inclination.
Considering all that has been written about Chopin’s Preludes, it would seem there is little room for anything else to be said, save perhaps for the notion that within the motion of the music awaits a feeling for metrical form yet to be realized by way of the written word.

 ISBN 9781876829438


Piacular by Yvonne Barton-Leach


 Solo Flute.  Duration 1'.50    

Piacular takes you into the rusty mechanical world of cogs and gears as an old machine is atoning for times gone by.  Piacular brings Flute advanced technique, audio effects and animation together in a multimedia performance.

Thank you to Jordan Hardy for the creation of the animation portion of this work.  

Composed 2012.

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  Piacular - sheet music

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Phrygian Rock by Yvonne Barton-Leach

Score and parts

 Grade Beginner Concert Band.  Duration 2'.00    
The Church modes have long influenced the writing of music. PHRYGIAN ROCK is a fun and delightful way to introduce your young concert band players to the Phrygian mode.   PHRYGIAN ROCK is a laid-back rock tune that practically plays itself. Encourage your percussionists to keep a firm tempo as you would find in a rock song. Work to keep the band balanced so the tune does not get over powered by the harmony.
Composed 2016.

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  Phrygian Rock - sheet music


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 ISMN 979072171234


Blessings 2 by Brett M Mckern


The second set of four short Blessings for voice or voices in unison with piano.
Eternal Peace; Be Still; Coming Home; Peace and Safety
Words by Dr Rita Crews.
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Blessings 2 - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171210


Looking into Fire by Houston Dunleavy

Score and parts

Wind Ensemble,
Composed 2016
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Looking into Fire - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171203


Man Called Thunderbolt, The by Vivien Arnold

score and libretto

Fred Ward - alias Captain Thunderbolt - was Australia's longest lasting and most successful bushranger.  Over seven years he held people up in the New England area and was rumoured to have taken twenty thousand pounds.  Naturally this peeved a great many people.  However there were others who truly held him in esteem - even some of his victims.
This arose from admiration of his superb horsemanship, his unfailing politeness, his eschewed non-violence, his good humour and sense of fun, his soft-heartedness, his kindness to the orphaned, his championship of the underdog, and his sense of fair play.  In short, he was Australia's real life Robin Hood.
In sharp contrast, the authorities showed him no leniency at any stage.  Moreover, after his death, some believe accounts of his life were deliberately suppressed and expunged because he was a natural inspiration for the sort of republican rebellion they dreaded.  
His strong and passionate relationship with Maryanne Bugg - Queen Yellow Long - pointed to reconciliation with the first Australians.  Sadly their children were farmed out and the lineage lost.
This opera traces the story of their lives as a reality, albeit somewhat romanticised.  At the same time it examines attitudes and interests of the day in the young colony of New South Wales through using both anecdotes and written records.
Its large cast features people documented in the stories told about Ward.  All chorus members are required to have speaking or solo/ensemble singing roles so this is not a production that asks people to sit around back-stage for slabs of time.  The original staging comprised large blocks that could be quickly rearranged for set changes.  This too was the job of the entire cast, who sometimes turned their backs to the audience forming human walls as part of the set.  Costuming is inexpensive.  
The work was written for an amateur society with a cast of around 50 (good for ticket sales!).  It received critical acclaim when it was staged in 1988 for the bicentennial.  Being an historic piece it has not dated.


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Spider's Waltz by Aven Yap


Piano solo, composed 2016.

Film producer and musician, Aven Yap (ATCL) is a self-taught composer praised as ‘inventive’ and ‘vividly evocative’. He discovered his talent for writing music in his teenage years, rearranging folk songs and well-known tunes for solo piano, and thoroughly analysing and researching the music of 20th century composers such as Steve Reich and Igor Stravinsky as well as other prominent composers in music history. Aven Yap has written works in most musical forms – especially piano and instrumental. In recent years, his music has become more deeply influenced by his love for the Brisbane city which he has taken an interest since 2011.
Aven Yap’s piano works have won multiple awards across Southeast Queensland including Best Composition in the Murwillumbah Festival of Performing Arts and the MTAQ Gold Coast Composer’s Competition. He was also a short-listed Featured Composer and Artist for Creative Generation 2014 and more recently, the world premiere of his “Five Ambiences for Solo Piano and Soundscapes” (2014) received a standing ovation.
Also a diploma-level pianist, Aven Yap has been playing piano for over a decade and has been praised for his “masterful authority of the piano”, “unshaken pianistic refinement” and “deep musical understanding”. Aven Yap has won multiple awards in competitions in Southeast Queensland and New South Wales.
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Spider's Waltz - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171197


Your Footprint Through the Forest Tabulature by Piotr Nowotnik

Score and parts

For guitar in tablature format 
Composed 2016.

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Your Footprint Through the Forest Tabulature - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720151142


Your Foot Print Through the Forest by Piotr Nowotnik

Score and parts

For solo guitar.
Composed 2016.

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Your Foot Print Through the Forest - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720151135


Frost Flowers by Piotr Nowotnik

Score and parts

For two guitars 
Composed 2016.

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Frost Flowers - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720151159


White and Red Flag, The by Carmelo Galea

score and parts

Concert Band - March. c.2'46 

Score and parts including parts at different pitches

Composed  2016

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The White and Red Flag - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720171104


Encompassing Prayer by Vivien Arnold


Composed 2016


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Encompassing Prayer  - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171128