Alexandra Suite by Ann Carr-boyd

score and parts

Violin ensemble and piano in four movements for 8 violins, c.16'00
1.  Alexandra's Tune, c.5'40
2.  Mirage, c.2'00
3.  Way Out, c.5'00
4.  A Little Russian, c.3'00
Composed 2011 for Australian Violin Ensemble
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Alexandra's Tune - sheet music
Mirage - sheet music
Way Out - sheet music
A Little Russian- sheet music


Ancient Rivers - CD by John Martin


18 solo piano works performed by John Martin.  Includes works by Australian Composers John Terry, Ann Carr-Boyd, John Peterson, Horace Keats as well as, Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Phillip Wilcher and William Lovelock.
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 1  Windy Hill  (Roy Agnew)
 2  Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)
 3  The Forest Stream (Miriam Hyde)
 5 Grasstree Hill (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 6  Autumn Winds (William Lovelock)
 7  By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
 Ancient Rivers (John Terry)
Five Island (John Peterson)
 9  Flinders Island
 10 Rocky Island 
 11 Bass Island 
 12 Martin Island
 13  Parkyns Island
 14  Down the Dim Gorges (John Terry)
 15  A River Idyll (Miriam Hyde)
 16  Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 17  Drought-Stricken Grasses (Miriam Hyde)
 18 A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats


Ancient Rivers - sheet music album by various composers

Sheet music album

12 piano solo works by Australian Composers.
1. Grasstree Hill - (Ann Carr-Boyd)
2. Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
3. Ancient Rivers (John Terry)
4. Down the Dim Gorges (John Terry)
Five Islands:
5. Flinders Island (John Peterson)
6. Rocky Island (John Peterson)
7. Bass Island (John Peterson)
8. Martin Island (John Peterson)
9. Parkyns Island (John Peterson)
10. A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats)
11. By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
12. Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)

All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works).
CD also available played by John Martin - Ancient Rivers.

 Download samples

1. Grasstree Hill - sheet music
2. Summerhaze - sheet music
3. Ancient Rivers - sheet music
4. Down the Dim Gorges - sheet music
Five Islands:
5.  Flinders Island - sheet music
6.  Rocky Island - sheet music
7.  Bass Island - sheet music
8.  Martin Island - sheet music
9.  Parkyns Island - sheet music
10. A Summer Breeze - sheet music
11. By the Lily-Pond - sheet music
12. Daybreak - sheet music

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 ISMN M720065922


Ann and Del in Oz by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and parts

Two flute and piano works with a hint of the Wizard of Oz, c.5'0 ea
Available on CD From a Bridge of Dreams Wirr.005, performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano) and within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works.
Also recorded by Teresa Rabe and Phillipa Candy on the CD, Harp in the Highlands, Wirr.015 available online
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Ann and Del - sheet music
Ann and Del - audio sample
Ann and Del in Oz - audio sample
Ann and Del in Oz - sheet music

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Australian Piano Anthology for the 21st Century - Vol. One by Katie Zhukov


Piano music by Australian composers played by Katie Zhukov.
It became apparent that there was a need for new piano works which represented contemporary Australian composers.  Wirripang approached its composers who, with their magnificient response, produced so many excellent works. 46 compositions were finally chosen, edited and critiqued by Katie Zhukov, and were embodied in three albums of sheet music each accompanied by a CD of the pieces recorded by Katie. 
It was from these recordings by Katie that this CD evolved. It is a collection of very pleasant, listenable and varied piano music and representative of the very high standard of work being written by Wirripang Australian composers. 

The three books of these works (and more) are available online titled:
Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - 2011
Books One
or Two or Three
Download samples
 1  Baggy Green Rag  (John Martin) 
 2  Prelude and Fugue Chromatica (Tony Wheeler) 
 3  Catherine Wheels (May Howlett) 
 4  Nocturne for a Nebula (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 5  The Pink Ballerina on a White Pony (May Howlett)
 6 Key Connections (Betty Beath)
 7 Thorn of the Rose (John Martin) 
 8 Prelude to Play (Betty Beath)
 9  Parade (May Howlett) 
 10  The Demented Demon (Brennan Keats) 
 11  Paradise Bar Prelude (Andrew Schultz)
 12  Red Dust Settles (Brennan Keats
 13  Politically Correct Rag  (Paul Paviour)
 14  Very Slow Jazz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 15  The Jazz Cat Miaou (Frank Millward)
 16  Light Through a Stained Glass Window 
(Betty Beath)
 17  Outlines (Andrew Helberg)
 18  Intermezzo in E (Phillip Wilcher)
 19  Lucky Thirteen (John Peterson)
 20  Toccatina (Colin Brumby)
 21  Dreamboat Blues (Amanda Handel) 
 22  Watching the River Flow (John Petrson)
 23  Valse Triste (Stephen Yates)
 24 The Breeze and You (Frank Millward) 
 25 Prelude II (Jennifer Trynes)
 26 Mistique (Mark Matthews)
 27  Ball Games - Basketball (Diana Blom)  
 28  Tip-Toe Tango (Jocelyn E Kotchie) 
 29 The Afghans (Stephen O'Connell)
 30 At Sundown (Amanda Handel)


Australian Summer by Ann Carr-boyd


Solo pipe organ
Composed in Canberra in January 2016.  Canberra was experiencing a heatwave at this time.  In my work for organ, I wished to use the wonderful bass pedal notes of the organ to create a sustained sound, on which are superimposed some of the bird songs I could hear around me, all of which are pervaded by the breathless heat of the day.
Date of composition 2016.
Download samples
Australian Summer  - sheet music example



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Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology by various composers


Grades 4 - Dip.
15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2014. 
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov. 
The aim of this new Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology is to provide a platform for both established as well as the emerging female composers. The new repertoire is written in a variety of styles (Classical, Romantic, 20h century and contemporary), and is suitable for intermediate-to-advanced students. 

1.    The Adventurous Platypus (Jenny Lee-Robins)  Grade 4, c.1'15
2.    Farewell (Jennifer Trynes) Grade 4, c.2'15
3.    Reflections in the Still Water (Barbara Durham) Grade 5, c.3'05
4.    Aslant a Brook (May Howlett) Grade 5, c.3'15
5.    Section 32 (Yvonne Barton-Leach) Grade 5, c.3'30
6.    Red Sky at Dawn (Joanne Burrows) Grade 6, c.3'50
7.    Raindrops (Carolyn Morris) Grade 6, c.3'25
8.    Triptych 3rd Movement (Christina Green) Grade 7, c1'20
9.    Soliloquy (Jocelyn E Kotchie) Grade 7, c.6'00
10.  Remnant (Nicole Murphy) Grade 8, c.3'25
11.  The Seduction of Andalucia (Amanda Handel) Grade 8, 4'10
12.  Retro Rag (Ann Carr-Boyd) Dip., c.5'45
13.  The Night Ship (Diana Blom) Dip., c.4'55
14.  Anywhere (Jane Hammond) Dip., c.5'10
15.  Music from a Quiet Place (Betty Beath) Dip, c.5'30

Download samples
The Adventurous Platypus - sheet music and audio
Farewell - sheet music and audio
Reflections in the Still Water - sheet music and audio
Aslant a Brook - sheet music and audio
Section 32 - sheet music and audio
Red Sky at Dawn- sheet music and audio
Raindrops - sheet music and audio
Triptych 3rd Movement - sheet music and audio
Soliloquy  - sheet music and audio
Remnant - sheet music and audio
The Seduction of Andalucia - sheet music and audio
Retro Rag - sheet music and audio
The Night Ship - sheet music and audio
Anywhere - sheet music and audio
Music from a Quiet Place - sheet music and audio







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Balmoral Beach Rag by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and part

Cornet and piano, c.5'0
The Rag is descriptive and performer and listener will not find it difficult to relate the chromatic scales, the grace notes, the running and walking music, to the ever-new shock of entering the cold water; the warmth of the sand underfoot and the droplets of water gleaming on the ocean or on arms and legs of people at the beach.
Composed 2009
Available on "Ragging with Razz" CD (Wirr 029)
Download samples
Balmoral Beach Rag - sheet music
 Balmoral Beach Rag - audio sample

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Balmoral Beach Rag for solo piano by Ann Carr-boyd


Solo piano, c.5.00, Grade 6/7
The Rag is descriptive and performer and listener will not find it difficult to relate the chromatic scales, the grace notes, the running and walking music, to the ever-new shock of entering the cold water; the warmth of the sand underfoot and the droplets of water gleaming on the ocean or on arms and legs of people at the beach.
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Balmoral Beach Rag - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720093925


Beneath the Yellow Moon by Ann Carr-boyd

Score and part

Cello and piano,  c.15'00, suggested grade 8-A.MusA
The three movements form a large ternary structure and the cello imitating the didjeridu at various points in the score evokes a distinctly Australian feel. Some opportunities are provided for improvising high harmonics in the cello part during the third movement which suggests images reminiscent of outback mirages.
1.  Beneath the Yellow Moon, c.8'30
2.  Billabong, c.4'30
3.  Dreamtime Haze, c.2'00
Composed 2004/2005

Download samples
Beneath the Yellow Moon - sheet music samples

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Birch Tree, The by Diana Weston, Thoroughbass


The theme of this recording is music inspired by folkmusic. Diana Weston (harpsichord) and the ensemble Thoroughbass have recorded this wonderful collection of tunes by composers such as, Mary Mageau, Béla Bartók, May Howlett, Ann Carr-Boyd and Elena Kats-Chernin.
Folk melody and rhythm can be found permeating works from all centuries and genres up to the present. For the French of the 17th and 18th centuries, it formed the backbone of a national style, albeit one with a sophisticated overlay (the dance suite). For some composers, like Bartók, folkmusic became the stuff of their compositional voice. For others like Ann Carr-Boyd, adaptation of folksong was a way of approaching a wide variety of audiences of different ethnic backgrounds. Her new composition, Suite for Diana, follows this trend, as does Elena Kats-Chernin’s The Birch Tree, both composed for Thoroughbass in 2014 and recorded here for the first time. Thematically overlapping Bartók’s miniature pieces ‘For Children’ (arguably ‘about’ children as much as ‘for’ children) are four songs for children by May Howlett. Both composers recognize the complexity of childhood in music that is expressive and authentic, innocent and above all, fun.

Wirr 068


Download samples

1 Variations on Scarborough Fair (Mary Mageau)
For Children - Hungarian (Béla Bartók)
 2  No. 4 Pillow Dance
 3  No. 6 Study for left hand
 4  No. 10 Children's Dance   5  No. 11
 6  No. 17 Round Dance
No. 18 Soldier's Song
 8  No. 26   9  No. 28 Choral
10  No. 31
 11  No. 38 Winter Solstice Song
 12  No. 40 Swineherd's Dance
Four Children's Songs (May Howlett)
 13  The Littlest Dragon
 14  The Cat  15  The Dog
16  Flutter by, My Butterfly
Suite for Diana (Ann Carr-Boyd)
17  The Wild Colonial Boy
18  Interlude 1
19  Two Latvian Folksongs
20  Interlude 2
21  Gulumkan  22  Interlude 2a
For Children - Slovakian (Béla Bartók)
23  No. 1  24  No. 6 Round Dance
25  No. 7 Sorrow
26  No. 10 Funeral Dance
27  No. 11   28  No. 17
29  No. 18 Teasing Song
30  No. 19. Romance
31  No. 20 Game of Tag
32  No. 22 Revelry
33  No. 25 Scherzando
34  No. 26 Peasant's Flute
35  No. 28 Choral  36  No. 33
37  No. 34 Farewell  38  No. 38 Dirge
39  The Birch Tree
           (Elena Kats-Chernin)



Blues in Orange by Ann Carr-boyd


Solo piano, c.3'55. Grade 6
The double bass is associated with classical and jazz music and it is here that the jazz mood of the double bass is predominant with its "blues" chords and slow swing rhythm with the prominent role of the bass notes of the piano.
Download samples
Blues in Orange - sheet music
Blues in Orange - audio sample

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