After Resonance Blues by Bruce Crossman


This piano piece explores the Korean idea of aftertone via interval-colour resonances and string aftertone as well as a Japanese intensification structure, c.7'0
Recorded on the CD, Double Resonances, Wirr.017 available online
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After Resonance Blues - sheet music
After Resonance Blues - audio sample

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 ISMN M72600569


B-Bop by Bruce Crossman


Clarinet, Cello, Piano, c.9'00
Based on two fragments of music: a triplet be-bop rhythm and a sad falling Maori waiata fragment.
Composed 2004
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B-Bop - sheet music

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 ISMN M720041810


Creative Explosion by Various Composers


The creative aesthetic behind this project is to have a strong intercultural focus featuring Asia-Pacific traditions of Korean samul nori drumming techniques, Filipino kulintang percussion, Japanese shakuhachi 'moment' aesthetic and East Asian string techniques (Korea, Japan, China) interacting with contemporary music. The trajectory from modern violin through to Chinese erhu and Korean kayageum techniques interacting within contemporary composition and cutting edge digital technology forms a thread behind this collection. The sound of Asia-Pacific gongs (Korea, China, Philippines) intersecting with modern percussion as an enlargement of the contemporary music tradition in performance and composition is another angle. Finally the use of the techniques of reed membrane and coloured breath from Western clarinet to Japanese shakuhachi exploring the 'single-note' aesthetic of East Asia within contemporary composition and improvisation also forms a focus.  Wirr 028
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 1  Tristan Exploded (Ian Stevenson) 
Haiku 1 (John Encarnacao)
 2  Between the sky and ... 
 3  ... the not sky we fly towards ... 
 4  ... the heart of winter 
 5  Not Broken Bruised-Reed (Bruce Crossman)
 6  Genji (the Shining Prince) and the Koto Player (Diana Blom) 
 7  Patina (Michael Atherton) 



Daragang Magayon Cantata (Bobis) by Bruce Crossman


Mezzo-soprano and piano, c.17'0
Filipino-jazz inspired music theatre. Poetry by Merlinda Bobis.
Recorded by Lotte Latukefu, mezzo soprano, Merlinda Bobis, chanter and Ian Munro, piano.
 CD, Double Resonances, Wirr 017 available online
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Daragang Magayon Cantata - sheet music
Daragang Magayon Cantata - audio sample

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 ISMN M720065076


Double Resonances by Bruce Crossman


Compositions by Bruce Crossman performed by Lotte Latukefu, Merlinda Bobis, Ian Munro, Jim Franklin, New Asia String Quartet, Jeanell Carrigan, Tom McGrath, Bernadette Balkus, Claire Edwardes.
Print music for most of the works are available online.
Wirr 017
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 1  Daragang Magayon Cantata 
 2  In Gentleness and Suddenness
 3  Fierce Tranquillity
 4  Back to the centre
 5  After Resonance Blues
 6  Double Resonances 



Double Resonances by Bruce Crossman


Piano and percussion, c.17'0
Written for the Music of the Spirit concert at the Aurora Festival, Sydney on 19 April 2008.
Percussionist: (kulintang, crotales, vibraphone, bass drum, Korean Temple gong, suspended cymbal, Peking Opera gong, 2 roto-toms [low, middle], ching [suspended], 3 bongos [low, middle, high],
Recorded by Bernadette Balkus (piano) and Claire Edwardes (percussion) on the CD, Double Resonances, Wirr 017 available online
Also recorded on the CD, Music of the Spirit, Wirr 011 available online
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Double Resonances - sheet music
Double Resonances - audio sample
With associated CD - Music of the Spirit
With associated CD - Double Resonances
 ISMN 979


Fierce Tranquillity by Bruce Crossman

Score and parts

Violin, viola, cello
Reflects the music's philosophical mood, of quiet indignant resistance that turns to fierce unity against tumultuous times, c.17'0
Performance by New Asia String Quartet in USA on May 1, 2005
Recorded on the CD, Double Resonances, Wirr.017 available online
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Fierce Tranquility - sheet music
Fierce Tranquillity - audio sample
With associated CD - Double Resonances

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 ISMN M720007861


In Gentleness and Suddenness by Bruce Crossman


Shakuhaci, c.5'00
It is an exploration of timbres inside and outside the note. This takes place via vibrato, gurgles, microtonal builds and acciaccatura pants. These colour moments are contained within a triptych structure. It moves from gentle and explosive breath sounds through to a climactic middle section emphasizing acciaccatura pants and high tessitura sounds.   Composed 2006
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 In Gentleness and Suddenness - sheet music
 In Gentleness and Suddenness - audio sample

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 ISMN 9790720106342


Jo-Wha (Oneness) - CD by Various Composers


A compilation created for the Intercultural Concert, 2006 Aurora Festival. Composers include Clare Maclean, Bruce Crossman, Ross Edwards, Stuart Greenbaum, Kim Cunio, Ji-Yun Lee, Michael Atherton and Anne Boyd.  Performed by Sydney Chamber Choir conducted by Paul Stanhope, Ian Munro, Diana Blom (piano), Michael Atherton (percussion), Lotte Latukefu, Heather Lee, Merlinda Bobis (vocal).
Print music for most of the works are available online.
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 1  Kyrie (Cklare Maclean) 
 2  Daragang Magayon Cantata (Bruce Crossman) 
 3  Kumari (Ross Edwards) 
 4  First Light (Stuart Greenbaum) 
 5  Sh'mah Yisrael, Chant 5 - The Temple Project (Kim Cunio) 
 6  Jo-Wha (Oneness) (Ji-Yun Lee) 
 7  Jiriyai! (Michael Atherton) 
 8  As I crossed a Bridge of Dreams (Anne Boyd) 


Majesty by Bruce Crossman


Piano solo, c.3'0
Majesty explores rich interval-colour sonorities juxtaposed with melodic fragments based on an equal temperament approximation of the kyemyonjo scale from Korean folk music. Composed 2005
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Majesty - sheet music

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 ISMN M720060729


Music of the Spirit by Various Composers

Double CD

Double CD featuring works by Michael Atherton, Anne Boyd, Diana Blom, Bruce Crossman, Houston Dunleavy, Ross Edwards, Ji-yun Lee, Garth Paine, Chinary Ung, SynC, austraLYSIS.
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Disc 1
 1  Etymalong (Ross Edwards)
 2  Chun-Hyang Ka: Korean Love Song (Ji-Yun Lee)
Seven Mirrors  (3-9) (Chinary Ung)
Mvt 1,   Mvt 2,   Mvt 3,   Mvt 4
Mvt 5,   Mvt 6,   Mvt 7
 10  Oku ou Talanoa mo Hoki Loto (Michael Atherton)
 11  Double Resonances (Bruce Crossman)
Disc 2
 1  Sonic Alchemies (SynC)
 2  Fue Sho (Garth Paine)
 3  Earth and Space - IV (Houston Dunleavy)
 4  Spiral XI:  Mother and Child (Chinary Ung)
 5  Angklung (Anne Boyd)
 6  The Whale's Song (Diana Blom)
 7  Ubasuteyama (austraL YSIS)  


Not Broken Bruised-Reed by Bruce Crossman


Violin, percussion and piano, c.10'00
The heart of the sounds draw on the poignancy of the Korean kyemyŸnjo scale as the basis for the Pansori-like 'traditional speech-song form' as a type of bruised utterance that emerges from noise to flower in lyricism. 
 This is on Creative Explosion CD, Wirr 028, available online
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Not Broken Bruised-Reed - sheet music
Not Broken Bruised-Reed - audio sample
With associated CD - Creative Explosion

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 ISMN 9790720101996