After the Rain by Diana Blom


For four pianos
Composed for a short film by Sydney video installation artist, Neolene Lucas.  The film was shot in the midst of a drought at Hill End, early one morning the day after the one day it rained in the month of May, 2009.
Composed 2016
New Music for Multiple Keyboards (Track 3, Disc Two) CD Wirr 089 is available online
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After the Rain - sheet music and audio

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Antarctica by Antonietta Loffredo


New music for toy piano and/or piano played by Antonietta Loffredo.
Another exciting University of Western Sydney project of newly composed works inspired by the landscapes and atmospheres of one of the most fascinating continents on the planet.  Antarctica is considered an inhospitable continent but it has fascinated and inspired not only travellers, scientists, researchers but musicians and writers.  This program of eleven composers from five countries draws on the sounds of the piano, and the clear, distinctive sound of two toy pianos, into their works. This music been performed by Antonietta in Australia and Italy.
Antarctica volume of the scores will be available online in early May.
Wirr 059

Download samples
 1  Inside Silence  - Sara Carvalho (Portugal)
 2  The Blue Ice Cave - Diana Blom (Australia)
 3  Implacable Ice - Mercedes Zavala (Spain)
 4  "A" As Antarctica - Francesco Schweizer (Italy)
 5   Percorso A - Stefano Procaccioli (Italy)
 6   Erebus - Chris Adams (New Zealand)
 7  HeartBroken Star In The Dream Winds Of Endless Night - Nathan Wilson (Australia)
 8  Isola di memorie - Paolo Longo (Italy)
 9  Antarctica Suite - Gian Gaolo Luppi (Italy)
 10  Icewhite (penguin's steps in the eternity of nothing) - Antonio Giacometti (Italy)
 11  Iceberg Variations - Paul Smith (Australia)



Antarctica - volume by various composers


11 pieces for piano and/or toy piano by composers in collaboration from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal and Spain.  A volume of newly composed works inspired by the landscapes and atmospheres of one of the most fascinating continents. While Antarctica is considered the most inhospitable continent on the planet, its beauty and mystery have fascinated not only travellers, scientists and researchers, but painters, musicians and writers.
In crossing continents, the University of Western Sydney was able to bring this amazing project together and with pianist, Antonietta Loffredo performing these works in Italy and Australia and recording the pieces for CD - Antarctica Wirr 059, released by Wirripang, also available online.

Download sample sheet music 

  Inside Silence (Sara Carvalho, Portugal) and audio
  The Blue Ice Cave (Diana Blom, Australia) and audio
  Implacable Ice (Mercedes Zavala, Spain) and audio
  "A" As Antarctica (Francesco Schweizer, Italy) and audio
  Percorso "A" (Stefano Procaccioli, Italy) and audio
  Erebus (Chris Adams, New Zealand) and audio
  HeartBroken Star In The Dream Winds Of Endless Night (Nathan Wilson, Australia) and audio
  Isola di memorie (Paolo Longo, Italy) and audio
  Antarctica Suite (Gian Paolo Luppi) and audio
  Icewhite (Penguin's Steps in the Eternity of Nothing) (Antonio Giacometti, Italy) and audio
  Iceberg Variations (Paul Smith, Australia) and audio


 ISMN 9790720140827


Anthology of Australian Art Song for Low Voice, The - Vol. 2 by various composers


An anthology of 21 newly commissioned Australian art songs for low voices, composed to address the paucity of repertoire especially for alto, contralto and bass.  Vol. Two comprises 10 songs - 4 songs and two song cycles - for contralto and bass by composers John Wayne Dixon, Paul Paviour, Diana Blom and Gordon Kerry, with works edited and with pedagogical material for the singer and singing teacher by Cathy Aggett.  Vol. One comprises songs for mezzo-soprano, low mezzo-soprano and mezzo-contralto, composed by Houston Dunleavy, Clare Maclean, May Howlett and Larry Sitsky.
Download samples
listing under development
  Spaces (Dixon) - sheet music c.3:30
Songs of Love (Paviour)
 1. 'We loved long and happily' - sheet music c.2:15
 2. 'That love of ours' - sheet music c.1"30
 3. 'Times past' - sheet music  c.2:20
 The Ground of Being (Dixon) - sheet music c.6:00
Dance Set (Blom)
  'Latin Lover' - sheet music c.1:50
  'Slowfox' - sheet music c.2:15
  'Tango' - sheet music c.1:20
  Cobweb farm (Blom) - sheet music c.1:20
  Migratory (Kerry)- sheet music c.5:10

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 ISMN 9790720133997


At the end of the world we learn to dance by Diana Blom

score and parts

Tenor and  piano. c.10'00 
The novel, Here at the end of the world we learn to dance, by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones, tells of a lifelong relationship between two people, forged by the tango, which begins on the West Coast of New Zealand, and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Three excerpts from the novel focus on dancing and learning the tango by these two and others drawn into their story.  The long song adopts the different tango styles and moods referred to in the story through a three-song structure with a refrain and interludes.    Composed 2012
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 At the end of the world  - sheet music

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Australian Women Composers' Piano Anthology by various composers


Grades 4 - Dip.
15 piano works by Wirripang-published, Australian Women Composers 2014. 
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov. 
The aim of this new Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology is to provide a platform for both established as well as the emerging female composers. The new repertoire is written in a variety of styles (Classical, Romantic, 20h century and contemporary), and is suitable for intermediate-to-advanced students. 

1.    The Adventurous Platypus (Jenny Lee-Robins)  Grade 4, c.1'15
2.    Farewell (Jennifer Trynes) Grade 4, c.2'15
3.    Reflections in the Still Water (Barbara Durham) Grade 5, c.3'05
4.    Aslant a Brook (May Howlett) Grade 5, c.3'15
5.    Section 32 (Yvonne Barton-Leach) Grade 5, c.3'30
6.    Red Sky at Dawn (Joanne Burrows) Grade 6, c.3'50
7.    Raindrops (Carolyn Morris) Grade 6, c.3'25
8.    Triptych 3rd Movement (Christina Green) Grade 7, c1'20
9.    Soliloquy (Jocelyn E Kotchie) Grade 7, c.6'00
10.  Remnant (Nicole Murphy) Grade 8, c.3'25
11.  The Seduction of Andalucia (Amanda Handel) Grade 8, 4'10
12.  Retro Rag (Ann Carr-Boyd) Dip., c.5'45
13.  The Night Ship (Diana Blom) Dip., c.4'55
14.  Anywhere (Jane Hammond) Dip., c.5'10
15.  Music from a Quiet Place (Betty Beath) Dip, c.5'30

Download samples
The Adventurous Platypus - sheet music and audio
Farewell - sheet music and audio
Reflections in the Still Water - sheet music and audio
Aslant a Brook - sheet music and audio
Section 32 - sheet music and audio
Red Sky at Dawn- sheet music and audio
Raindrops - sheet music and audio
Triptych 3rd Movement - sheet music and audio
Soliloquy  - sheet music and audio
Remnant - sheet music and audio
The Seduction of Andalucia - sheet music and audio
Retro Rag - sheet music and audio
The Night Ship - sheet music and audio
Anywhere - sheet music and audio
Music from a Quiet Place - sheet music and audio







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 ISMN 979072051601


Ballad of the Canterbury Pilgrims, The by Diana Blom


For soprano, tenor, baritone and piano
Geoffrey Chaucer's classic set of stories, The Canterbury Tales is rich with characters from a range of England's social classes, each making a pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral to visit the shrine of Saint Tomas Becket.  These characters allow solos, duets and trios with the piano supporting each character's personality and plays with a descending eight bell peal of Canterbury Cathedral.  A ballad structure, the song focuses on five pilgrims - the knight, his squire, the nun, the cook and a good wife.  The language is a mixture of Middle English and Modern English.
Composed 2015
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The Ballad of the Canterbury Tales - sheet music

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Blue Ice Cave, The by Diana Blom


The Blue Ice Cave for piano and toy piano was influenced by a photograph of a blue ice cave in Antarctica. The piece explores the toy piano as a colour which highlights and enhances aspects of the piano writing.  This piece forms part of a project titled, "Antarctica",  a collection of piano pieces for toy piano by composers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia.  The project was instigated by Diana Blom and all pieces were recorded by the Italian pianist, Antoinetta Lofrredo (both volume and recording available online).
Composed 2013.
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The Blue Ice Cave - sheet music
The Blue Ice Cave - audio

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 ISMN 9790720171647


Ca Tru Singer, The by Diana Blom

score and part

Bassoon and piano with percussion. c.7'20
Draws on several timbral (vocal and instrumental), melodic, tempo, rhythmic and textural aspects of the tradition.
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 The Ca Tru Singer - sheet music
 The Ca Tru Singer - audio sample

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Calling the Cows by Diana Blom


Seven variations for tenor trombone on ‘Guardame las vacas’. c.5'00
Composed 2015.
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Calling the Cows - sheet music samples

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 ISMN 9790720151946


Çanakkale: Gallipoli Songs by Ayse Goknur Shanal


  Ayşe Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith, Erberk Eryilmaz, Ross Fiddes  (piano)
As a result of the ANZAC Centenary in 2015 this CD is a tribute to all soldiers who fought in the Gallipoli campaign of World War II.  Its works are represented by both Turkish and Australian composers.

Piano: Track 5: Erberk Eryilmaz, Track 6: Ross Fiddes, all other tracks by Patrick Keith

English texts and translation of songs

Wirr 070


Download samples

1   Hey Onbeşli (Turkish Trad.)
Two Songs for the Anzac Centenary, Op.33 (John Wayne Dixon)
2   1918
3   1945
4   Au pays ou se fait le guerre (Henri Duparc)
5   Songs are Against War (Erberk Eryilmaz)
6   These Men (Ross Fiddes)
 7   Çanakkale Turkusu (Turkish Folksong)
Remembrances Four (Diana Blom)
 8   Enlisting
 9   The Landings - Morning
 10  The Landings - Getting to Shore
 11  The Morning Star
 12  Goodnight Gallipoli



Cat's Meow, The by Diana Blom

score and CD

Acoustic piano and CD Soundbed. c.4'00
A collaboration between the sound designer, Adrian Barr and the composer explores the aural and physical characteristics of Felix, the Siamese cat, whose voice is the basis of the CDE soundbed.

Recorded by Antonietta Loffredo on Wirripang CD, Chilhood in Music available online.

Download samples
 The Cat's Meow- sheet music
 The Cat's Meow- audio sample

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