Dichotomies by Ed Goyer


For vibraphone, keys, bass, guitar and drums. A marvellous collection of jazz works composed and arranged by Ed Goyer. Charts available online.
Ed Goyer (vibraphone), Kelvin Haisman (keys), Mark Costa (electric bass), San Rollins and Adrian Petlevanny (guitar), Gordon Rytmeister (drums).
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1  Dichotomies
 2  A Night in Tokyo Park
 3  Mr Moriwaki's Outrageous Scheme
 4   Rex the Cat
 5  3-Sided Coin
 6  Time Stories


Dichotomies by Ed Goyer


Six jazz pieces for vibraphone, keys, electric bass, guitar and drums.
1. Dichotomies, c.8'05
2. A Night in Tokyo Park, c.6'10
3. Mr Moriwaki's Outrageous Scheme, c.10'20
4. Rex the Cat, c.7'20
5. 3-Sided Coin, c.4'40
6. Time Stories, c.5'25
CD available on line
Download samples
1 Dichotomies - sample chart
1 Dichotomies - audio sample
2 A Night in Tokyo Park - sample chart
2 A Night in Tokyo Park - audio sample
4 Rex the Cat - sample chart
4 Rex the Cat - audio sample
5 3-Sided Coin - sample chart
5 3-Sided Coin - audio sample

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