solo piano 1 by Frank Millward

Album and CD

8 solo classical-jazz piano pieces
1. Stilt Dance, c.2'30
2. Almost Had the Blues, c.5'30
3. View from a Garden Shed, c.3'30
4. Not Much Changes, c.4.20
5. A Simple Song, c.2'25
6. Once I Was Crazy, Now I'm Just Mad, c.4'0
7. The Crucifixion Blues, c.4'0
8. Red Ted, c.5'30
Includes CD of all pieces performed by Sally Mays.
Download samples
1. Stilt Dance - sheet music
2. Almost Had the Blues - sheet music
5. A Simple Song - sheet music
7. The Crucifixion Blues - sheet music
8. Red Ted - sheet music

1. Stilt Dance - audio sample
4. Not Much Changes - audio sample
7. The Crucifixion Blues - audio sample

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