solo piano 2 by Frank Millward

Album and CD

8 solo classical-jazz piano pieces. Grades 4-6
1.  Clown Dance 2, c.2'50
2.  Non ti brucia, c.2'30
3.  In Decision, c.1'30
4.  Roman Aqueduct, c.2'00
5.  Shopping For Shoes, c.3'10
6.  Daydream Dancer, c.3'10
7. Tr'n' Tell'er, c.2'50
8. Through Early Morning Fog, c.1'45

Includes CD of all works played by Sally Mays.
Download samples
1. Clown Dance 2 - sheet music
4. Roman Aqueduct - sheet music
6. Daydream Dancer - sheet music
8. Through Early Morning Fog - sheet music

1. Clown Dance 2 - audio sample
3. In Decision - audio sample
6. Daydream Dancer - audio sample

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solo piano 3 by Frank Millward

Album and CD

9 solo classical-jazz piano pieces. Grades 2-8
1.  The Jazz Cat Miaou, c.2'06, grade 5
2.  The Breeze and You, c.4'30, grade 5
3.  The Finish Fish, c.1'00, grate 2
4.  Fantasie, c.3'00, grade 8
5.  My Budgies Got the Swingin' Cagen Blues, c.1'10, grade 3
6.  Brewing, c.3'10, grade 8
7. Jivin' Shuffle, c.2'00, grade 4
8. Bring Back Da Ba Ba Du Ah Ba Da, c.0'40, grade 5/6
9.  Manbo with a Mullet, c.1'00, grade 2

Includes CD of works 1 - 8 played by Sally Mays.
Download samples
 1. The Jazz Cat Miaou - sheet music
 1. The Jazz Cat Miaou - audio sample
 2. The Breeze and You - sheet music
 2. The Breeze and You - audio sample
 6. Brewing - sheet music
 6. Brewing - audio sample
 8. Bring Back Da Ba Ba Du Ah Ba Da - sheet music
 8. Bring Back Da Ba Ba Du Ah Ba Da - audio sample

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Song Book 1 by Frank Millward


High voice and piano, words and music by Frank Millward
1.  Is it Now Yet? c.4'20
2.  A Song, c.3'20
3.  Not Another Love Song, c.4'40
4.  Things, c.3'20
5.  Common Sense Song, c.6'50
Book 2 (words by Lisa Gasteen) is also available
Composed 2010


Download samples
  1.  Is it Now? - sheet music
  2.  A Song - sheet music
  3.  Not Another Lover Song - sheet music
  4.  Things - sheet music
  5. Common Sense Song - sheet music

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Song Book 2 (Gasteen) by Frank Millward


High voice and piano words by Lisa Gasteen
1.  Giving Voice, c.2'30
2.  Homeless, c.3'00
3.  Laugh Out Loud, c.3'15
4.  Mr Miracle, c.5'10
5.  Strange You Can Name, c4'40
Song Book 1 (words and music by Frank Millward) also available
Composed 20110


Download samples
  1.  Giving Voice - sheet music  2.  Homeless - sheet music
  3.  Laugh Out Loud - sheet music
  4.  Mr Miricale - sheet music
  5. Strange You Can Name- sheet music

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Spider and the Fly, The by Frank Millward

Score and parts

For Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Baritone and Chamber Orchestra  
(Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass, Trumpet Bb, Horn in F, Bass Trombone, Keys, Percussion).
Technical difficulty - level six standard - Choir – level four.
Duration 6’ 10”
From the original poem by Mary Howitt (1799-1888)
The Spider and the Fly features a quartet of soloists – the Red Queen (Soprano), White Queen (Alto), King of Hearts (Tenor), the White Knight (Baritone) and Choir. This is a character piece and should be considered in the context of its stylistic Victorian roots. Each of the characters should be mindful of the accent used in delivery.
As part of the complete production of Hilary Westlake's  "Dining with Alice",
other pieces from the Suite are available online.

Download samples
The Spider and the Fly - sheet music













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Vulture Culture by Frank Millward


A choreographed music theatre.
In Vulture Culture, contemporary society is characterised as an orchestra with each section striding carelessly and at times, brutally, over any vulnerable little thing that get in its way.
Words by David Gale.
For parts contact
Download samples
Vulture Culture (score) - sheet music

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Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 2 - 2011 by various composers


Grades 5-7.
14 piano works by Australian Composers 2011.
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and includes CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  See also Book 1 (Grades 1-4) and Book 3 (Grades 8 to Dip)

Grade 5
1.  Prelude II - Jennifer Trynes, c.1'51
2.  The Breeze and You - Frank Millward, c.2'41
3.  Valse Triste - Stephen Yates, c.1'02
4.  Watching the River Flow - John Peterson, c.1'12
Grade 6
5.  Dreamboat Blues - Amanda Handel, c.1'53
6.  Toccatina - Colin Brumby, c.1'48
7.  Lucky Thirteen - John Peterson, c.1'43
8.  Intermezzo in E - Phillip Wilcher, c.2'03
9.  Outlines - Andrew Helberg, c.2'31
Grade 7
10. Light Through a Stained Glass Window - Betty Beath, c.2'19
11. The Jazz Cat Miaou - Frank Millward, c.1'59
12. Very Slow Jazz - Ann Carr-Boyd, c.3'30
13. Politically Correct Rag - Paul Paviour, c.1'56
14. Red Dust Settles, c.2'44
Download samples
 Prelude II - sheet music and audio
 The Breeze and You - sheet music and audio
 Valse Triste - sheet music and audio
 Watching the River Flow- sheet music and audio
 Dreamboat Blues - sheet music and audio
 Toccatina - sheet music and audio
 Lucky Thirteen - sheet music and audio
 Intermezzo in E - sheet music and audio
 Outlines - sheet music and audio
 Light Through a Stained Glass Window - sheet music and audio
 The Jazz Cat Miaou  - sheet music and audio
 Very Slow Jazz - sheet music and audio
 Politically Correct Rag - sheet music and audio
 Red Dust Settles - sheet music and audio





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