Bird-Esk by Hollis Taylor

Score and parts

String Quartet, c.11'30
Australian pied butcherbird vocalisations often boast a compelling rhythm and raw energy reminiscent of certain jazz styles. Lively syncopations and phrase endings on weak beats are common in their sound repertoire. This work builds on pied butcherbird themes for rhythmic exploration.
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Bird-Esk - sheet music
Bird-Esk - audio sample

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Cumberdeen Dam V and T by Hollis Taylor


Solo bassoon in 5 movements, c.9'00
The pied butcherbird upon which the work is based sings in rushed gusts of notes; the effect is anticipatory, like beats two-three of a Viennese waltz or beats two and four of an up-tempo bluegrass number. The angularity of the essentially five-bar phrases is appealing. Two separate voices are implied by the octave or more spread between motivic segments and the qualitative difference between the lower and higher material. Octave displacement above and beyond the original birdsong figures in the work.
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1. Notturno - audio sample
2. Capriccio - sheet music
3. Capriccio - audio sample
3. Tema - sheet music
5. Toccata - audio sample
5. Toccata - sheet music

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