Australian Song Cycles - Vol 1 by Various Composers


Features 32 songs from six song cycles by prominent Autralian composers - Ian Cooper, John Peterson, Richard Charlton, Margaret Sutherland, Dulcie Holland and Nigel Butterley who have set poems by Jane Adamson, William Blake, Kenneth Slessor, Mary Gilmore, Robin Gurr.    Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano) and David Miller (piano).
Print music for First Person Feminine, Eternity's Sunrise, Four Blake Songs and Child in Nature are available online.Wirripang label wirr036
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First Person Feminine - Ian Cooper (Adamson)
 1  i    2  ii     3  iii    4  iv    5  v
  6  vi    7  vii
Eternity's Sunrise - John Peterson (Blake)
 8  Auguries of Innocence
 9  On Another's Sorrow
 10 Holy Thursday
 11 Endless Night
 12  Eternity
Statues - Richard Charlton (Slessor)
 13  The Statues Awake
 14  Venus and Apollo
 15  Flowers
 16 The ghosts of flesh
 17  Reality
Four Blake Songs - Margaret Sutherland (Blake)
 18  Memory, hither come
 19  Piping down the valley wild
 20  How sweet I roamed
 21  I love the jocund dance
Four Mary Gilmore Songs - Dulcie Holland (Gilmour)
 22  Whom shall I praise?
 23  Spring
 24  The loving heart
 25  Rittle rattle rittle
Child in Nature - Nigel Butterley (Gurr)
 26  The Child
 27  The Bird
 28  Brown Jack 
 29  Spider's Web 
 30  The Cricket 
 31  The Wind and the Song 
 32  A Dark Glow About Me 


First Person Feminine (Adamson) by Ian Cooper

Song Cycle

Mezzo-soprano and piano.
A cycle of 7 songs to the poems by Jane Adamson reflecting the feminine character at different stages of life - in different moods and in different circumstances.  Composed 1988
i     c.2'20
ii    c.1'00
iii   c.1'22
iv   c.2'06
v    c.0'53
vi   c.1'40
vii  c.1'10
Recorded by Wendy Dixon and David Miller on  Australian Song Cycles Vol 1 (Wirr 036) available online
Download samples
First Person Feminine i - sheet music
First Person Feminine iii - sheet music
First Person Feminine iii - audio sample
First Person Feminine vii - sheet music
First Person Feminine vii - audio sample
First Person Feminine v - sheet music

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From a Bridge of Dreams by Various Composers


22 flute and piano pieces performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano).  Included are works by Australian composers as Ian Cooper, Frank Millward, Betty Beath, Michael Dixon, Nigel Butterley, Wendy Suiter, Brennan Keats, Ann Carr-Boyd, Horace Keats.
Print music for all of the works are available online.
Wirr 005
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 1  Serenade (Ian Cooper) 
 2  Callin the Turtles In (Frank Millward)
 3  Nawang Wulan (Betty Beath)
 4  From a Bridge of Dreams (Betty Beath)
 5  Music for Gillan (Betty Beath)
 6  Locan (Michael H Dixon)
 7  Locana's Concert (Michael H Dixon)
 8  Inner Life (Michael H Dixon)
 9  Evanston Song (Nigel Butterley)
 10  The Wind Stirs Gently  (Nigel Butterley)
 11  Sunflowers (Wendy Suiter
 12  Silver-Eyed Gull (Brennan Keats)
 13  Ann and Del in Oz (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 14  Ann and Del (Ann Carr-Boyd)
    (The following composed by Horace Keats arr Brennan Keats):-
 15  Over the Quiet Waters
 16  Mermaids
 17  By the Lily-Pond
 18  I Will Build My House in the Water
 19  Plucking the Rushes
 20  Goldfish
 21  Sea Breeze
 22  The Valley Lay Smiling Before Me 


Highlights by Various Composers


Performed by Marina Marsden (violin), Emma Knott (flute), Rachel Tolmie (cor anglais/oboe), Gavin Lockley (baritone) and John Martin (piano).  Highlights live from the Benefit Concert for Katie Zhukov held in Bundanoon NSW on 19th Feburary 2011.  Katie, a fine pianist, was a victim of the 2011 Queensland floods and the funds raised from this concert and the sale of this CD are donated to Katie as a contribution to the replacement of music, books and piano. 
We thank all artists on this CD who gave so generously of their time.
Wirr 041

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Emma Knott
flute, John Martin piano
 1  Moonlight Mirage  - Amanda Handel
 2  Serenade  - Ian Cooper
 3  Pièce en forme de Habanera - Maurice Ravel  
John Martin piano
 4  Ragg for Razz - Ann Carr-Boyd
Marina Marsden violin, John Martin piano
 5  Very Slow Jazz - Ann Carr-Boyd
 6  Sonata, Mvt IV - Céasar Franck
John Martin piano
  7  Blue Tornado- Zez Confrey
Rachel Tolmie cor anglais/oboe, John Martin piano
  8  Still Moon- Phillip Wilcher
9  Mundoolan - Colin Brumby
 10 Spirit (Brisbane, 2011) John Martin
 11  Intermezzo - Enrique Granados
Gavin Lockley baritone, John Martin piano
 12 Vi'lits - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 13  The Music of Your Voice - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 14  The Ant Explorer - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 15  Washing Day - CJ Dennis/Gavin Lockely
 16  Drake's Call - Horace Keats


Serenade by Ian Cooper

Score and part

A Faure inspired piece for flute and piano.  Grade 6, c.4'20
Available on CD From a Bridge of Dreams performed by Emma Knott (flute) and David Miller (piano) and within an album of sheet music by the same title with 22 flute works available online.
Download samples
Serenade - sheet music
Serenade - audio sample

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