Collected Early Songs by John Antill


Medium to High voice.  18 songs composed between 1926 and 1942:
The lost joy     c.0:48    
Blue-eyed-mary     c.1:06    
My star    c. 1:40    
Four by the clock     c.1:00    
There is sweet music     c.1:17    
The garland (Palamon and Aricte - The Knights’ Tale, from The Canterbury Tales)    c.0:50    
Flow gently, sweet Afton     c.0:40    
A choice     c.1:23    
There is ever a song somewhere    c.0:26    
Remembrance        c. 0:36    
It’s fine to say     “Good Morning”   c. 0:22    
O ever earnest sea!   c. 0:38    
The little things    c.0:35    
If a heart’s full of song all day long   c. 0:50    
To the heart that sings alway        c. 0:51    
Don’t get blue    c. 0:43   
What inspires me     c.0:36   
All works have been researched and edited by David Wickham

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