Ancient Rivers - CD by John Martin


18 solo piano works performed by John Martin.  Includes works by Australian Composers John Terry, Ann Carr-Boyd, John Peterson, Horace Keats as well as, Miriam Hyde, Roy Agnew, Phillip Wilcher and William Lovelock.
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 1  Windy Hill  (Roy Agnew)
 2  Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)
 3  The Forest Stream (Miriam Hyde)
 5 Grasstree Hill (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 6  Autumn Winds (William Lovelock)
 7  By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
 Ancient Rivers (John Terry)
Five Island (John Peterson)
 9  Flinders Island
 10 Rocky Island 
 11 Bass Island 
 12 Martin Island
 13  Parkyns Island
 14  Down the Dim Gorges (John Terry)
 15  A River Idyll (Miriam Hyde)
 16  Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
 17  Drought-Stricken Grasses (Miriam Hyde)
 18 A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats


Ancient Rivers - sheet music album by various composers

Sheet music album

12 piano solo works by Australian Composers.
1. Grasstree Hill - (Ann Carr-Boyd)
2. Summerhaze (Ann Carr-Boyd)
3. Ancient Rivers (John Terry)
4. Down the Dim Gorges (John Terry)
Five Islands:
5. Flinders Island (John Peterson)
6. Rocky Island (John Peterson)
7. Bass Island (John Peterson)
8. Martin Island (John Peterson)
9. Parkyns Island (John Peterson)
10. A Summer Breeze (Horace Keats)
11. By the Lily-Pond (Horace Keats)
12. Daybreak (Phillip Wilcher)

All pieces are available as individual sheet music (see specific works).
CD also available played by John Martin - Ancient Rivers.

 Download samples

1. Grasstree Hill - sheet music
2. Summerhaze - sheet music
3. Ancient Rivers - sheet music
4. Down the Dim Gorges - sheet music
Five Islands:
5.  Flinders Island - sheet music
6.  Rocky Island - sheet music
7.  Bass Island - sheet music
8.  Martin Island - sheet music
9.  Parkyns Island - sheet music
10. A Summer Breeze - sheet music
11. By the Lily-Pond - sheet music
12. Daybreak - sheet music

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 ISMN M720065922


Anniversary Fanfare by John Peterson


Brass and percussion, c.4'30
The music begins with a majestic introductory fanfare, but soon gives way to more up-tempo music whose relentless rhythmic energy is joyous and exciting, and largely in a concert overture style.

This work was commissioned for the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in 2012.  Parts are available on request from  Composed 2012.


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Anniversary Fanfare - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720126951


Australian Song Cycles - Vol 1 by Various Composers


Features 32 songs from six song cycles by prominent Autralian composers - Ian Cooper, John Peterson, Richard Charlton, Margaret Sutherland, Dulcie Holland and Nigel Butterley who have set poems by Jane Adamson, William Blake, Kenneth Slessor, Mary Gilmore, Robin Gurr.    Performed by Wendy Dixon (soprano) and David Miller (piano).
Print music for First Person Feminine, Eternity's Sunrise, Four Blake Songs and Child in Nature are available online.Wirripang label wirr036
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First Person Feminine - Ian Cooper (Adamson)
 1  i    2  ii     3  iii    4  iv    5  v
  6  vi    7  vii
Eternity's Sunrise - John Peterson (Blake)
 8  Auguries of Innocence
 9  On Another's Sorrow
 10 Holy Thursday
 11 Endless Night
 12  Eternity
Statues - Richard Charlton (Slessor)
 13  The Statues Awake
 14  Venus and Apollo
 15  Flowers
 16 The ghosts of flesh
 17  Reality
Four Blake Songs - Margaret Sutherland (Blake)
 18  Memory, hither come
 19  Piping down the valley wild
 20  How sweet I roamed
 21  I love the jocund dance
Four Mary Gilmore Songs - Dulcie Holland (Gilmour)
 22  Whom shall I praise?
 23  Spring
 24  The loving heart
 25  Rittle rattle rittle
Child in Nature - Nigel Butterley (Gurr)
 26  The Child
 27  The Bird
 28  Brown Jack 
 29  Spider's Web 
 30  The Cricket 
 31  The Wind and the Song 
 32  A Dark Glow About Me 


Double Entendre by John Peterson

score and parts

String Quartet and piano, c.12'00
The work explores aspects of the particular languages associated with, and inherent in, dance and music, both of which are art forms that use gesture, style, and technique, to evoke emotion or meaning in quite different ways.  Composed 2013

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Double Entendre - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720140001


Drive by John Peterson


French horn in F and piano c.3'0
Composed 1998

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Drive - sheet music


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 ISMN M9790720164489


Emergence by John Peterson

Score and parts

Flute sextet, c.7'00
The title of this work reflects the manner in which the music in each section gradually unfolds and ‘emerges’ from small embryonic ideas and cells of musical material. There is also a subtle suggestion of the word ‘emergency’, or perhaps in this case more correctly of ‘emerging urgency’ which, in the context of the work, reflects the fast paced energy and rhythmic momentum that dominates the music in the first and final sections.
Emergence was the winning entry in the Australian Flute Festival Composition Competition 2015. It was first performed by Melissa Doecke (piccolo), Lauren Gorman (flute1), Georgia Williams (flute 2), Michaud Munday (flute 3), David Shaw (alto flute), and Peter Sheridan (bass flute), conducted by Elisabeth Hobbs, at School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra, on 4 October, 2015.
Composed 2015

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Emergence - sheet music 

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 ISMN 9790720159324


Encomium by John Peterson

Score and parts

Bb clarinet and cello, c.11:30
Encomium - a formal expression of praise; a eulogy.
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Encomium - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720101729


Eternity's Sun Rise (Blake) by John Peterson

Song Cycle

A cycle of five songs for mezzo-soprano and piano
Texts from the writings of William Blake, composed 1995
1. Auguries of Innocence, c.2'00
2. On Another's Sorrow, c.2'40
3. Holy Thursday, c.2'40
4. Endless Night, c.2'30
5. Eternity, c.2'40
Higher voice available on request
Recorded by Wendy Dixon and David Miller on  Australian Song Cycles Vol 1 (Wirr 036) available online
Download samples
1. Auguries of Innocence - sheet music
1. Auguries of Innocence - audio sample
2. On Another's Sorrow - sheet music
3. Holy Thursday - sheet music
4. Endless Night - sheet music
5. Eternity - sheet music

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 ISMN M720060941


Fabulous Beasts by John Peterson

Score and parts

Bb Clarinet, cello and piano, c.10'00
The music is inspired by two mythical creatures:  Chimera and Cerberus - composite creatures where their bodies are made up of different parts taken from different animals. In the first movement Chimera is constantly in conflict with itself - its movements and personality being pulled in different directions. In the second movement, Cerberus, being a more noble beast with three heads working together in order to become a much more efficient and fearful creature.  Commissioned by David Rowdon and the Sydney Omega Ensemble.  Composed 2012
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Chimera - sheet music
Cerberus - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720126944


Five Bagatelles by John Peterson


Bb Clarinet solo, c.14'00.
These five short pieces were written in order to explore the wide range, the versalitity and agility, and also the expressive qualities of the Bb clarinet.  Composed 2009
Download samples
 Five Bagatelles 1 - sheet music
 Five Bagatelles 2 - sheet music
 Five Bagatelles 3 - sheet music
 Five Bagatelles 4 - sheet music
 Five Bagatelles 5 - sheet music

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Five Islands by John Peterson


5 pieces for solo piano, c.12'00
Inspired by five islands off the coast of Wollongong.  Dedicated to Peter Sculthorpe
1. Flinders Island, c.2'00
2. Rocky Island, c.2'30
3. Bass Island, c.1'50
4. Martin Island, c.2'00
5. Parkyns Island, c1'40
Recorded by John Martin on the CD, Ancient Rivers (Wirr006) available online
Download samples
1. Flinders Island - sheet music
1. Flinders Island - audio sample
2. Rocky Island - sheet music
2. Rocky Island - audio sample
3. Bass Island - sheet music
3. Bass Island - audio sample
4. Martin Island - sheet music
4. Martin Island - audio sample
5. Parkyns Island - sheet music
5. Parkyns Island - audio sample

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 ISMN M720060958