Anthology of Australian Art Song for Low Voice, The - Vol. 2 by various composers


An anthology of 21 newly commissioned Australian art songs for low voices, composed to address the paucity of repertoire especially for alto, contralto and bass.  Vol. Two comprises 10 songs - 4 songs and two song cycles - for contralto and bass by composers John Wayne Dixon, Paul Paviour, Diana Blom and Gordon Kerry, with works edited and with pedagogical material for the singer and singing teacher by Cathy Aggett.  Vol. One comprises songs for mezzo-soprano, low mezzo-soprano and mezzo-contralto, composed by Houston Dunleavy, Clare Maclean, May Howlett and Larry Sitsky.
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listing under development
  Spaces (Dixon) - sheet music c.3:30
Songs of Love (Paviour)
 1. 'We loved long and happily' - sheet music c.2:15
 2. 'That love of ours' - sheet music c.1"30
 3. 'Times past' - sheet music  c.2:20
 The Ground of Being (Dixon) - sheet music c.6:00
Dance Set (Blom)
  'Latin Lover' - sheet music c.1:50
  'Slowfox' - sheet music c.2:15
  'Tango' - sheet music c.1:20
  Cobweb farm (Blom) - sheet music c.1:20
  Migratory (Kerry)- sheet music c.5:10

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 ISMN 9790720133997


Australian Saxophone Anthology, The by various composers


12 solo and piano accompaniment works by Australian Composers, consisting of two books.   Composed 2013. 
All works were especially arranged or composed and selected for this album - edited and compiled by Robert Woodward.  Critical and performance notes and biographical composer profile accompany each work. 

Composers: Colin Brumby, Paul Ballam-Cross, Brennan Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Paul Paviour, Ric Mills, Brett McKern, Gavin Lockley, Houston Dunleavy, Stephen O'Connell and Stephen Yates.

CD of these works performed by Robert Woodward (saxophone) and Benjamin Burton (piano), available online.

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  Entrada (Brumby - sheet music 
  Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Ballam-Cross) - sheet music  
  Starlight on the Sea (Keats) - sheet music 
  Seasides (Dixon) - sheet music 
  An April Aubade (Paviour) - sheet music 
  Suite for Saxophone (Mills) - sheet music 
  Scherzo for Saxophone (McKern) - sheet music 
  Pieu Jesu (Lockley) - sheet music 
  Capriccio (Brumby) - sheet music 
  Serenade (Dunleavy) - sheet music 
  Tempe Downs (O'Connell) - sheet music 
  Fandangle Indeed (Yates) - sheet music

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Berceuse for a Grandchild by John Wayne Dixon


Mezzo Soprano and piano,  c.4'20
To celebrate the birth of a new grandchild - words by Sylvia Rice.  Composed 2013
Audio: Ayse Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith (piano)
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Berceuse for a Grandchild - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720133782


Çanakkale: Gallipoli Songs by Ayse Goknur Shanal


  Ayşe Göknur Shanal (soprano), Patrick Keith, Erberk Eryilmaz, Ross Fiddes  (piano)
As a result of the ANZAC Centenary in 2015 this CD is a tribute to all soldiers who fought in the Gallipoli campaign of World War II.  Its works are represented by both Turkish and Australian composers.

Piano: Track 5: Erberk Eryilmaz, Track 6: Ross Fiddes, all other tracks by Patrick Keith

English texts and translation of songs

Wirr 070


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1   Hey Onbeşli (Turkish Trad.)
Two Songs for the Anzac Centenary, Op.33 (John Wayne Dixon)
2   1918
3   1945
4   Au pays ou se fait le guerre (Henri Duparc)
5   Songs are Against War (Erberk Eryilmaz)
6   These Men (Ross Fiddes)
 7   Çanakkale Turkusu (Turkish Folksong)
Remembrances Four (Diana Blom)
 8   Enlisting
 9   The Landings - Morning
 10  The Landings - Getting to Shore
 11  The Morning Star
 12  Goodnight Gallipoli



Carnival of the Cats, Op.26b by John Wayne Dixon

Two Scores

For two pianos, c.3'30
A short whimsical piece
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Carnival of the Cats - sheet music

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 ISMN M720072692


Champagne Flutes by John Wayne Dixon

Score and parts

4 Flutes (all doubling), piccolo, keyboard and percussion. c.7'0
Bubbling effect of waves breaking very gently over pebbles at ebb tide - a fun piece
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Champagne Flutes - sheet music
Champagne Flutes - audio sample

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 ISMN M720011776


Child of Mine, Baby of Mine (Rice) by John Wayne Dixon


Soprano and piano, c.3'0
Written for the birth of a child, words by Sylvia Rice.
This work has been recorded by Pamela Mildenhall and David Vance on Mermaids (Wirr033) available online
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Child of Mine, Baby of Mine - sheet music
Child of Mine - audio sample

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 ISMN M720065199


Evening (Dickinson) by John Wayne Dixon


Low to medium voice and piano. c.3'0
Grade: Performer's Cert (TCL); 8 (AMEB D List)

Included in the Trinity College London Singing Syllabus for 2009ISMN M720041834
Recorded on the CDs "Simply Songs" and "Songs from Australia" by soprano Wendy Dixon and pianist David Miller and available online.
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Evening - sheet music
Evening - audio sample

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 ISMN M720041834


Foursome of Twosomes, A by John Wayne Dixon

2 scores

Flute, Cor Anglaise, Piccolo, Oboe. c.6'0
The pieces between them offer all four possible combinations of the instruments. Price includes two full scores
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A Foursome of Twosomes - sheet music
 ISMN M720011790


Giverny Idyll by John Wayne Dixon

Score and part

Cello and piano, c.7'00
This piece attempts to capture the idyllic mood of Monet's magical domain at Giverny. It also incorporates part of a fife-drum song from Provence called 'Ronde sospelloise de mai'. The cellist is required to simulate drum sounds in this section of the piece.
This work has been recorded on the CD "Mermaids" Wirr033 available online
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Giverny Idyll - sheet music
Giverny Idyll - audio sample

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Lamentations by John Wayne Dixon


String orchestra c.13'0
A symphonic string section, rather than chamber strings, is required, with an absolute minimum of four contrabasses - requires professional-standard players.
Parts available on request
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Lamentations - sheet music

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 ISMN M720011820


LOCANA'S World by Various Composers


For flute, violin, cello, horn performed by LOCANA.
A collection of ensemble works composed by Taran Carter, Hugh Dixon, Horace Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Peter Rankine, Houston Dunleavy and Michael H Dixon.  Performed by Janine Grantham (flute and piccolo), Michael H Dixon (horn), Paula Newcomb, Sarah Knox (violins), Shannon Tobin, Matthew Farrell (cellos).
Print music for all the works are available online.
Download samples
Perverse Exit Songs (1-3) (Taran Carter)
 1  Entrance
 2  Maddison
 3  Emergency Exit Only
 4  The Enchanted Garden (Hugh Dixon)
 5  Movement (Horace Keats)
Niblets, Op.12 (6-8) (John Wayne Dixon)
 6  Duet
 7  Commotion
 8  Canto
A Foursome of Twosomes, Op.6 (6-10) (John Wayne Dixon)
 9    Twosome One
 10  Twosome Two
Postcards from America (11-14) (Houston Dunleavy)
 11  Los Angeles
 12  Grand Canyon
 13  Chicago Bean
 14  New York City
 15  Fire by Fire (Peter Rankine)
 16  Arise, Awake (Michae H Dixon)