Fandango for Strings by Ken Campbell


String Orchestra, c.4'20
The regular rhythm of the dance is supplied by pizzicato strings, shared around at various times, supporting the melody. The tempo fluctuates, and at the end, increases to conclude the dance.  Parts available on request, contact  Composed 2010.
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 Fandango for Strings - sheet music
 Fandango for Strings - audio sample
 ISMN 9790720115801


Midnight Samba by Ken Campbell

Score and parts

Latin Jazz Combo and Strings, c.3'15
A breezy, light piece which features a Hammond organ sound in the melody. The heavier sound of the organ chords has been omitted to allow the nylon string acoustic guitar to project through the texture.  A flute is also used along with 3 trumpets, 3 trombones and upper strings as well as many other instruments.   Composed 2009.

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 Midnight Samba  - sheet music
 Midnight Samba  - audio sample


 ISMN 9790720115818


Scherzo for Dulcie by Ken Campbell


Piano solo, c.2'50
A tribute to a well respected piano teacher and leacturer at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Composed 2007.
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 Scherzo for Dulcie - sheet music
 Scherzo for Dulcie - audio sample
 ISMN 9790720115825