Aurorae Sinus by Keyna Wilkins

Score and parts

String Quartet, c.4'30.  Level of difficulty: 6th grade.  

Aurorae Sinus, is known as the 'eye of Mars'.  In this work the composer has tried to capture an enigmatic mood of stillness, weightlessness and space through use of gradually shifting extended harmonies around a tonal centre of C.  Composed 2012

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 Aurorae Sinus - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720140216


Buleria Fiero by Keyna Wilkins


Solo flute, c.4'40.  Level of difficulty: A.Mus

Based on the rhythm structure of the popular flamenco dance, the 'buleria' originated in Jerez during the 19th century.  Among the most popular and dramatic of the flamenco forms it permits the greatest freedom of improvisation, the rhythm playing a crucial role in this.   Composed 2012

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 Buleria Fiero - sheet music and audio

 ISMN 9790720126722


Craters of Rhea by Keyna Wilkins


Electric double bass and loop pedal, c.8'00. Level of difficulty:  A.Mus.  

The composer imagines the craggy and sharp but beautiful shapes of the ice craters of Rhea (second largest of Saturn's moons) and interprets them musically in the opening motifs. The loop pedal for electric double bass is explored with use of a repeated and recorded 5 bar theme over which there is some notated lines and some structured improvisation, giving the work an optimistic resolution.   Composed 2013

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 Craters of Rhea - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720140254


Dinner Party by Keyna Wilkins

Score and parts

Saxophone Orchestra, c.4'30.  Level of difficulty - 7th Grade and above.
In this piece the composer has tried to explore the harmonic possibilities of such homogenous sounding ensemble by using the analogy of a dinner party in which the guests begin to have a polite conversation, which descends into argument in which they are all shouting at once.  By the time they leave, however, they have found resolution. Musically the motifs are developed in an intuitive free-flowing manner, centering around G Minor.
Audio - Sydney Conservatorium Sax Orchestra (October 2012)
Composed 2012

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 1  Dinner Party - sheet music and audio sample
 2  Dinner Party - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720126708


Floating in Space by Keyna Wilkins

Score and recording

Solo flute with accompanying Nebulae sound track, c.3'40.  Level of difficulty: 6th - 7th grade.  

Meditative and expansive, the piece contemplates infinite space and time.  The sound track, using a spectrograph, is from the electromagnetic waves of the various Nebulae.  Composed 2013

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 Floating in Space - sheet music 

 ISMN 9790720140209


Full Moon by Keyna Wilkins


Solo Clarinet in Bb, c.3'10. Diffculty level: 8th grade - A.Mus.  

Full Moon creates an atmosphere of reflection and mystery like the moon itself. The piece meanders in an impressionistic and improvisatory manner, as if dreaming. Centering around G phrygian mode with much chromatic colour, it takes inspiration from midnight during a full moon.   Composed 2012

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Full Moon - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720140247


Mars by Keyna Wilkins

Score and part

Tuba and piano in three movements.  Difficulty level: A.Mus 
1  Red Dirt - bold and virtuosic, c.2'40
2  Red Mysteries - slow and subtle, c.3'40
3  Red Shadows - questions!, c.2'10.   Composed 2011

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 1  Red Dirt - sheet music
 2  Red Mysteries - sheet music
 3  Red Shadows - sheet music
 ISMN 9790720115788


Sky Pieces by Keyna Wilkins


8 pieces for solo piano - ponders the many characters of our skies, from sunny and optimistic to the nostalgia of distance, and the endless speculation of shapes on the clouds.  Playful short pieces for grades 4 to 6.  
1  Soar, c.1'05
2  Distant Horizon, c.2'00
3  Cloud, c.2'20
4  Leaf in the Wind, c.1'20
5  Breeze, c.1'15
6  Wind, c.1'15
7  Glow in the Fog, c.1'55
8  Blue Skies, c.1'20.       Composed 2011

Download samples
 1  Soar - sheet music
 3  Cloud - sheet music and audio
4  Leaf in the Wind - sheet music and audio
 5  Breeze - sheet music
7  Glow in the Fog - sheet music and audio
 8  Blue Skies - sheet music and audio
 ISMN 9790720115771