Sky Pieces by Keyna Wilkins


8 pieces for solo piano - ponders the many characters of our skies, from sunny and optimistic to the nostalgia of distance, and the endless speculation of shapes on the clouds.  Playful short pieces for grades 4 to 6.  
1  Soar, c.1'05
2  Distant Horizon, c.2'00
3  Cloud, c.2'20
4  Leaf in the Wind, c.1'20
5  Breeze, c.1'15
6  Wind, c.1'15
7  Glow in the Fog, c.1'55
8  Blue Skies, c.1'20.       Composed 2011

Download samples
 1  Soar - sheet music
 3  Cloud - sheet music and audio
4  Leaf in the Wind - sheet music and audio
 5  Breeze - sheet music
7  Glow in the Fog - sheet music and audio
 8  Blue Skies - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720115771


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