Australian Heritage Collection Volume II by Jeanell Carrigan


 Piano music by Australian Women Composers

The composers in this volume:  

Mirrie Hill (Solomon) (1889-1986); Elsa Marshall Hall (1891-1980); Edith Harrhy (1893-1969); Iris De Cairos Rego (1894-1987); Margaret Sutherland (1897-1984); Linda Phillips (1899-2002);  Nellie Cuddigan ( 1901); Vera Buck (1903-1986)

"Nostalgia" CD is a collection of 28 works from these volumes and is available online

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Four Aboriginal Pieces by Mirrie Hill


Piano solo.   1 Brolga c.2'00
                    2 Aboriginal Song c.0'.40
                    3 Aboriginal Rhythm c.0'20
                    4 To the Whirlwind c.1'10
Composition date unknown
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Four Aboriginal Pieces - sheet music

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Mirrie by Olive Lawson


The Life of Composer Mirrie Hill. A biography.
The names of Alfred Hill and Mirrie Hill have been often coupled in reference material on music and a comparison of their work as composers has sometimes been posited. Mirrie Hill was gifted and able musician and composer.
One of Alfred Hill’s first students in Sydney was Mirrie Solomon. She had already studied with two other teachers of musical composition and was an accomplished pianist before becoming one of his pupils. Though they later would marry, there is no evidence that Alfred Hill influenced her composing style. Mirrie Hill was to be recognised as one of the few notable women composers of the twentieth century in Australia. During her lifetime she was best known for her contribution to music for young students of the pianoforte, but a later assessment might give her more credit for her music that was based on, and thereby honoured, the primitive music of some of Australia’s aboriginal people.

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 ISBN: 978 1 876829 53 7


Nostalgia by Jeanell Carrigan


Jeanell Carrigan (piano)
Alfred Hill, the Australian composer is reputed to have said “To me there are only two kinds of music - good or bad. All old music has at one time been modern and all modern music will one day become old so why worry? Time is a great critic that puts them in their place”.
The piano compositions on this recording have been deliberately chosen because of their beauty, their inherent musicality, the craft and skill of the composers and their appeal to the listener. Not considered in their selection was any decision based on whether the style was the fashion at the time of their composition. All of the composers on this recording are Australian women who were born between 1862 and 1915.
To support this recording, Dr Jeanell Carrigan has researched and compiled three volumes of scores of these and additional piano works, most of which have not previously been published.  These volumes, together with individual CDs, are available online.
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 1   A Water Colour (Katherine Parker)
 2   The Watermill (Ester Kahn)
 3   The Lake (Dulcie Holland)
 4   Pastorale (Peggy Glanville Hicks)
 5   Country Dance (Iris de Cairos Rego)
 6   Prelude No. I (Florence Donaldson Ewart)
 7   Prelude No. II (Florence Donaldson Ewart)  
 8   Prelude No. III (Florence Donaldson Ewart)
 9   Prelude (Phyllis Batchelor)
 10  Sarabande (Phyllis Batchelor)
 11  Dithyramb - a ballet (Margaret Sutherland)
 12  Ballerina (Miriam Hyde)
 13  Arc-e Ciel (Katherine Parker)
 14  The Ballerina (Marjorie Hesse)
 15  Gavotte (Mona McBurney)
 16  Waltz in E (Iris de Cairos Rego)
 17  Echo de Vienne (Esther Rofe)
 18  Valse Gracieuse (Marjorie Hesse)
 19  Marche Grotesque (Una Bourne)
20  Melody in Ab (Mary Bowden)
21  Miniature Variations on a Theme in A minor (Esther Rofe)
22  Ritsel (Meta Overman)
23  Will o'the Wisp (Mirrie Hill)
 24  Prelude (Mirrie Hill)
 25  Fun (Mirrie Hill)
 26  Meditation (Nellie Cuddigan)
 27  Nocturne for Piano (Dulcie Holland)
 28  Nocturne (Katherine Parker)



Three Piano Pieces by Mirrie Hill


Piano solo. 1 Maori Folk Tune c.2'50
                    2 Lament c.1'00
                    3 Rhapsody c.4'00
Composition date unknown
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Three Piano Pieces - sheet music

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