Australiana by Patrick Thomas


One Poet's Odyssey
When one thinks about things in Australia today, it’s plain that in many ways we are well off compared to some other nations, and have right to feel blessed. After all, we have relatively stable governments; banking, commercial and financial systems that work; judicial and educational ones too. There are internal political flaws, of course, but mostly things are managed pretty well, though the Australian “she’ll be right mate” and often lack-lustre attitude must, at times, lessen our country’s reputation and international competitiveness.
Whilst compiling this collection, I often thought of my own good fortune in having had caring parents who sacrificed and provided security, moral training and home-life. It seems often nowadays, the focus is not on things we took for granted in our youth: e.g., those classic plays and stage musicals with their fairy-tale endings. It was a less frenetic lifestyle, with safe late-night travel, going to the picture theatre for a Saturday Matinee; steam-train or tram rides, and no violence or threats of terrorism. In short, those far off times revealed a less complicated society despite international warfare; hence now, one’s memories of lost things and personalities from yesteryear recalled between the following covers. Bring it back, please!
I hope you enjoy sharing some of those recollections with me. Patrick Thomas, August 2017
Foreword by Larry Sitsky AO

Sadly, this was to be Patrick's last book of prose. Patrick passed away in August 2017.

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 ISBN 978 1 876829 50 6


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