Australian Saxophone Anthology, The by various composers


12 solo and piano accompaniment works by Australian Composers, consisting of two books.   Composed 2013. 
All works were especially arranged or composed and selected for this album - edited and compiled by Robert Woodward.  Critical and performance notes and biographical composer profile accompany each work. 

Composers: Colin Brumby, Paul Ballam-Cross, Brennan Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Paul Paviour, Ric Mills, Brett McKern, Gavin Lockley, Houston Dunleavy, Stephen O'Connell and Stephen Yates.

CD of these works performed by Robert Woodward (saxophone) and Benjamin Burton (piano), available online.

Download samples
  Entrada (Brumby - sheet music 
  Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Ballam-Cross) - sheet music  
  Starlight on the Sea (Keats) - sheet music 
  Seasides (Dixon) - sheet music 
  An April Aubade (Paviour) - sheet music 
  Suite for Saxophone (Mills) - sheet music 
  Scherzo for Saxophone (McKern) - sheet music 
  Pieu Jesu (Lockley) - sheet music 
  Capriccio (Brumby) - sheet music 
  Serenade (Dunleavy) - sheet music 
  Tempe Downs (O'Connell) - sheet music 
  Fandangle Indeed (Yates) - sheet music

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Reaching for Heaven by Ric Mills


SATB and organ
1.  Fear Thou Not, c.1'50
2.  Lead Me, Lord, c.3'45
3.  Nunc Dimittis, c.3'00
4.  The Lord's My Shepherd, c.2'35
5.  Show Me Your Ways, c.2'05.
Discount for multiple copies apply Composed 2010
Recording samples performed by the The Newcastle Cathedral Choir, Newcastle, NSW, conducted by Peter Guy.


Download samples
 Fear Thou Not - sheet music and audio
 Lead Me, Lord - sheet music  and audio
 Nunc Dimittis - sheet music  and audio
 The Lord's My Shepherd - sheet music  and audio
 Show Me Your Ways - sheet music  and audio

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 ISMN 9790720126593