Choices by Sally Mays


Seven works for solo piano chosen by Sally Mays and
featuring some of Australia's most prominent composers.  Each piece conjures up a world of imagination, full of possibilities and subtleties of expression.  They are not too demanding technically  and are graded to AMEB standard.
1.  Solitaire (2008)  by John Carmichael, grade 6, c.1'55
2.  Uncle Grumpy (1957), Barry Anderson, grade 7, c.1'44
3.  Nostalgia (2010), Helen Gifford, grade 8, c.1.'30
4.  Insistent Bird (1992), Miriam Hyde, grade 5, c.1'10
5.  Blue Sky Through Still Trees (1999), Don Kay, grade 8, c.2'35
6.  Stilt Dance (2022), Frank Millward, grade 7, c.2'35
7.  Floating (1993), Lawrence Whiffin, grade 7, c.2'40.

A CD of all works performed by Sally Mays accompanies this album.  Sally Mays is an Australian pianist of international renown, particularly well-known for her performances of contemporary music of Australian composers.
Download samples
  Solitaire - sheet msuic - audio sample
  Uncle Grumpy - sheet msuic - audio sample
  Nostalgia - sheet msuic - audio sample
  Insistent Bird - sheet msuic - audio sample
  Blue Sky Through Still Trees - sheet msuic -  audio sample
  Stilt Dance - sheet msuic - audio sample
  Floating - sheet msuic -  audio sample

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