Australian Saxophone Anthology, The by various composers


12 solo and piano accompaniment works by Australian Composers, consisting of two books.   Composed 2013. 
All works were especially arranged or composed and selected for this album - edited and compiled by Robert Woodward.  Critical and performance notes and biographical composer profile accompany each work. 

Composers: Colin Brumby, Paul Ballam-Cross, Brennan Keats, John Wayne Dixon, Paul Paviour, Ric Mills, Brett McKern, Gavin Lockley, Houston Dunleavy, Stephen O'Connell and Stephen Yates.

CD of these works performed by Robert Woodward (saxophone) and Benjamin Burton (piano), available online.

Download samples
  Entrada (Brumby - sheet music 
  Sonata for Alto Saxophone (Ballam-Cross) - sheet music  
  Starlight on the Sea (Keats) - sheet music 
  Seasides (Dixon) - sheet music 
  An April Aubade (Paviour) - sheet music 
  Suite for Saxophone (Mills) - sheet music 
  Scherzo for Saxophone (McKern) - sheet music 
  Pieu Jesu (Lockley) - sheet music 
  Capriccio (Brumby) - sheet music 
  Serenade (Dunleavy) - sheet music 
  Tempe Downs (O'Connell) - sheet music 
  Fandangle Indeed (Yates) - sheet music

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Hidden Waterhole by Stephen O'connell

score and part

Oboe and piano, c.1'00 Download samples
 Hidden Waterhole - sheet music

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Illara by Stephen O'connell


12 works for solo saxophone. Also two works for ensemble - inspired by the beauty and spirituality of the Luritja Country in the centre of Australia.
All these works have been recorded on Illara (Wirr 027) available online.
Download samples
Sid's Song - sample charts
It's A Brumby Thing - sample charts
It's A Brumby Thing - audio sample
Sid's Song - audio sample

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Illara by Stephen O'Connell


Music for saxophone, recorder, piano, bass, guitar and drums. Michael Baker and Austin Benjamin (piano), Mark Scotland and Rafael Jerjen (double bass), David Condon and Aidan Lowe (drums), Joshua O'Connell (guitar) and Stephen O'Connell (saxophone).
Wirr 027
Download samples

 1  Red and Blues
 2  With Thanks to Sonny
 3  Sid's Song
 4  Hidden Waterhole
 5  Riverbend
 6  Those Birds Again
 7  Blues for Dot
 8  The Ledge
 9  It's a Brumby Thing
 10  Reeds and Echo
 11  Playful Things
 12 Tempe Downs (The Old Station)
 13  Variations on a Modal Theme
 14  I Can Hear You
Illara - Stephen O'Connell


Return by Stephen O'connell


16 works for saxophone. A combination of solo, tenor and soprano ensemble, piano - inspired by the beauty and spirituality of the Luritja Country in the centre of Australia. These pieces are from the composer's second visit - the return.
All these works have been recorded on  Return (Wirr 043) available online
Download samples
 Return - sample charts
 Miles and the Boys- sample charts
 Rhythm Me- sample charts
 Trouble- sample charts

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Return by Stephen O'Connell


 These jazz tunes are inspired by the amazing landscape and creatures in and around Illara, located in remote Central Australia. Music for saxophone, piano, keyboards, guitar and drums. Paul Gibbs (piano and keyboard), Mark Scotland (double and electric bass), David Condon (drums and percussion), Adam Guzowski (guitar), Miles O'Connell (tenor saxophone) and Stephen O'Connell (soprano and tenor saxophone).
Wirr 043
Download samples
 1  The Zebra Finches
 2  Return
 3  Trouble
 4  A Love Tune
 Still Cool
 6  How Long (Till it Falls?)
 7  Rhythm Me
 8  The Drenched Blues
 9  Them Bones
 10  Me and My (Dead) Cow
 11  Pru's Walking Blues
 12  Miles and the Boys
 13  Out of the Blue
 14  Against My Will
 15  No Bull
Return - Stephen O'Connell


Wirripang Australian Piano Anthology - Book 1 - 2011 by various composers


Grades 1- 4.
21 piano works by Australian Composers 2011. 
Especially written and selected for this album as edited by Katie Zhukov and it includes a CD of each work recorded by Katie Zhukov.  See also Book 2 (Grades 5-7) and Book 3 (Grades 8 to Dip)

Grade 1
1.  Pentatonic Pauline - Paul Paviour, c.0'58
2.  Raindrops on the Window - Jocelyn Kotchie, c.0'53
3.  Ball Games - Squash - Diana Blom, c.0'48
4.  La Señorita - Colin Brumby, c.0'48
5.  On A Pond - Amanda Handel, c.0'55
 Grade 2
6.  At Sundown - Amanda Handel, c.1'00
7.  A Flourish of Trumpets - Phillip Wilcher, c.0'56
8.  Nick Nack Paddywack - Paul Paviour, c.0'56
9.  Lullaby - Phillip Wilcher, c.1'28
10. The tightrope walker - Jennifer Trynes, c.2'03
11. Circus Invention - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.0'49
Grade 3
12.  Little Interlude for Billy - Andrew Schultz, c.2'20
13.  The Afghans - Stephen O'Connell, c.2'06
14.  Sunday at St Stephens - Mark Matthews, c.2'04
15.  Tip-Toe Tango - Jocelyn E Kotchie, c.1'10
16.  Ball Games - Table Tennis - Diana Blom, c.0'56
Grade 4
17.  Mistique - Mark Matthews, c.2'09
18.  Ball Games - Basketball - Diana Blom, c.1'29
19.  Rondino - Colin Brumby, c.1'42
20.  A Quiet Obsession - John Peterson, c.1'15
21.  Oracle - Mark Matthews, c.2'09

Download samples
 Pentatonic Pauline - sheet music and audio
 Raindrops on the Windows - sheet music and audio
 Ball Games - Squash - sheet music and audio
 La Señorita - sheet music and audio
 On a Pond - sheet music and audio
 At Sundown - sheet music and audio
 A Flourish of Trumpets - sheet music and audio
 Nick Nack Paddywack - sheet music and audio
 Lullaby  - sheet music and audio
 The tightrope walker - sheet music and audio
 Circus Invention - sheet music and audio
 Little Interlude for Billy - sheet music and audio
 The Afghans - sheet music and audio
 Sunday at St Stephens - sheet music and audio
 Tip-Toe Tango - sheet music and audio
 Ball Games - Table Tennis - sheet music and audio
 Mistique - sheet music and audio
 Ball Games - Basketball - sheet music and audio
 Rondino - sheet music and audio
 A Quiet Obsession - sheet music and audio
 Oracle - sheet music and audio





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