Keyna Wilkins

Keyna Wilkins is a composer, pianist and flautist based in Sydney. With international classical training, she has branched into live theatre, jazz, flamenco and free improvisation. Exploratory, open-minded and globally inspired, her music creates a unique hybrid of sound worlds. Born in Somerset, UK, Keyna has music degrees from Germany (Hildesheim Uni), UK (Bath Spa and Bristol Uni) and Sydney Conservatorium and has performed around Europe and Australia including at Sydney Opera House, the Basement, and had compositions commissioned by Sydney Conservatorium. Highlights include opening Adelaide Fringe Festival with Flamenco Australia and opening Picasso Exhibition at Art Gallery of NSW with Les Violettes. She also leads and writes for Ephemera Ensemble inspired by astronomical phemomena incorporating NASA space sounds and images from space probes in each show ( She also teaches piano, flute and theory from her home studio in Ashbury, with a passion for helping students achieve their potential.

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