Amplitude by Peter Mcnamara


Solo percussion (vibraphone and tam tam) and pre-recorded electronics, c.11'10
Composed 2013
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 Amplitude - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720146232


Anniversary Fanfare by John Peterson


Brass and percussion, c.4'30
The music begins with a majestic introductory fanfare, but soon gives way to more up-tempo music whose relentless rhythmic energy is joyous and exciting, and largely in a concert overture style.

This work was commissioned for the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of their 40th anniversary in 2012.  Parts are available on request from  Composed 2012.


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Anniversary Fanfare - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720126951


Bush Telegraph by Michael Atherton

two scores

Marimba Duet, c.4'30
Composed 2012
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Bush Telegraph - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720133164


Chacun à son gout! by Colin Brumby


6-part accompanied round for instruments.
A fun piece, preferably with violinists, but not limited to!!


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Chacun à son gout! - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720171722


Der Ost-Westspiegel by Peter Mcnamara


Solo accordion, c.11'10
Composed 2013
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Der Ost-Westpiegel

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 ISMN 9790720140056


Dream within a Dream, A by Van P Nguyen


Two voices and two percussion to poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. Download samples
A Dream within a Dream - sheet music
A dream within a Dream - audio sample
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 ISMN M720060279


Duo Sonata, Op.4 by Jonathan Little

Two score

For percussion soloists in four movements, c.21'00
On Elizabethan Songs of John Dowland, Thomas Campion, William Corkine, Alfonso Ferrabosco and Robert Jones.
1. Intrada, c.4'40
2. Toccata, c.5'40
3. Interlude, c.2'40
4. Fantasia, c.8'20
Download samples
1. Intrada - audio sample
2. Toccata - audio sample
3. Interlude - audio sample
4. Fantasia - audio sample
4. Fantasia - sheet music
1. Intrada - sheet music

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 ISMN M720072166


Duo-Generare by Peter Mcnamara

score and part

Bass Recorder, Merimba and Suspended Cymbal, c.8'00
Composed 2014
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 Duo-Generare - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720172101


Elegy 'In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe' by Harry Sdraulig

Score and parts

Strings and percussion
Scored for full strings, timpani and percussion (including anvil and vibraphone).
Elegy ‘In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe’ was written in commemoration of one of Australia’s most inventive and influential composers, whose passing on August 8, 2014 was deeply felt by the countless musicians and audiences to have been touched by the integrity, humanity and beauty of his music.
Though this piece contains a few deliberate references to Peter Sculthorpe’s music, especially through the use of percussion (reminiscent of Earth Cry) and the desolate spirituality of the cello solo at the work’s heart, the composer has avoided any attempt at imitation or pastiche, instead composing a work true to his own individual language. It is nevertheless written with heartfelt respect for a man whose influence on the landscape of Australian art music is unparalleled.
Composed 2015
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Elegy 'In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe' - sheet music


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 ISMN 9790720172651


Ex Nihilo by Piotr Nowotnik


Mixed ensemble  c.6'40
Flute, clarinet, xylophone and piano 
Composed 2011 

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 Ex Nihilo - sheet music

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 ISMN 97907201115900


Feast of Kings and Martyrs, Op.8, The by Jonathan Little

Score and parts

Dual for two percussionists, each playing 6 tuned drums . c.5'0
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The Feast of Kings and Martyrs - sheet music
The Feast of Kings and Martyrs - audio sample

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 ISMN M720060705


Feel the Vibes by Michael Atherton

Score and part

Three duets for vibraphone, c.7'00
1.  Morning Rain, c.'300
2.  Afternoon Breeze, c.1'50
3.  Evening Mist, c.2'00.
Price includes two sets.  Composed 2012
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Morning Rain - sheet music
Afternoon Breeze - sheet music
Evening Mist - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720133188