Absence - String Quartet No. 3 by Houston Dunleavy

score and parts

For String Quartet, c.7'00
The work is very simple, relying on the simple melody first heard in the cello.  All of the harmonic material and subsequent melodic material is based on the opening cello writing of this piece. Composed 2011



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 Absence - sheet music

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And There I Was by Andrew Batterham

Score and parts

String quartet c.8'00.
This work is the first movement of a three movement string quartet, called Urban Songs. This piece investigates the reality of living in an urban environment. Being alone in a crowd, continuous communication, the conquest and destruction of nature – these are some of the issues explored in each movement, with the outcome up to the listener.

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And There I Was - sheet music
And There I Was - audio

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 ISMN 9790720167473


Andy's Tune - for string quartet by Houston Dunleavy

Score and parts

A little burlesque for String Quartet, c.3'30
Composed 1995 rev. 2004
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Andy's Tune - string quartet - sheet music

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 ISMN M720060170


Aurorae Sinus - String Quartet by Keyna Wilkins

Score and parts

String Quartet, c.4'30.  Level of difficulty: 6th grade.  

Aurorae Sinus is a dark feature in the southern hemisphere known as the "eye of Mars". In this work Wilkins has tried to capture an enigmatic mood of stillness, weightlessness and stasis through use of gradually shifting harmonies.
Composed 2012

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 Aurorae Sinus - sheet music 

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 ISMN 9790720140216


Bird-Esk by Hollis Taylor

Score and parts

String Quartet, c.11'30
Australian pied butcherbird vocalisations often boast a compelling rhythm and raw energy reminiscent of certain jazz styles. Lively syncopations and phrase endings on weak beats are common in their sound repertoire. This work builds on pied butcherbird themes for rhythmic exploration.
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Bird-Esk - sheet music
Bird-Esk - audio sample

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 ISMN 9790720101415


Charmer - String Quartet by Wendy Suiter

Score and parts

String Quartet, c.3'50, suggested grade 5
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Charmer - sheet music

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 ISMN M720065748


Cool Valley by Ann Carr-boyd

score and parts

Flute, oboe and string quartet, c.5'20
Composed 2008 rev. 2012
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Cool Valley - sheet music

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Crossing the Divide by Phillip Wilcher

score and parts

String Quartet, c.5'20
Recorded on CD, Heaven-Haven, (Wirr 057) with The Linden String Quartet - Marina Marsden and Emily Long (violins), Justine Marsden (viola), Elizabeth Neville (cello).  Available online.
Composed 2012
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 Crossing the Divide - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720126838


Discussion for String Quartet by Margaret Sutherland

score and part

String Quartet No 2
Date of composition 1954

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Discussions for String Quartet - sheet music

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 ISMN M720166377


Double Entendre by John Peterson

score and parts

String Quartet and piano, c.12'00
The work explores aspects of the particular languages associated with, and inherent in, dance and music, both of which are art forms that use gesture, style, and technique, to evoke emotion or meaning in quite different ways.  Composed 2013

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Double Entendre - sheet music

 ISMN 9790720140001


Fantasy Quartet in A Major by Miriam Hyde

score and parts

String quartet, c.10'00
Composed 1934

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 Fantasy Quartet in A Major - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720164823


Five String Quartets by Horace Keats

Score and parts

Album of 5 string quartets with voice
1. In What Other Places Do You Live? (Henderson)
2. Plucking the Rushes (Anon.4th C Chinese)
3. The Fishing Pools (Mackenzie)
4. The Point of Noon (Brennan)
5. Yellow Bracken (Powys)
 See individual works for sheet music.  Recorded on Movement CD (Wirr 050) by Louise Page (soprano) and The Linden String Quartet, available online

 Audio samples

1.  In What Other Places do You Live?
2.  Plucking the Rushes
3.  The Fishing Pools
4.  The Point of Noon
5.  Yellow Bracken

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 ISMN M720041018