Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes by Houston Dunleavy

Score and parts

Flute ensemble for all sizes and sorts with 3 piccolos, 3 flutes, 2 alto flutes, bass flute, contrabass flute, sub-contrabass flute and hyperbass flute. A tip of the hat to Copland's famous fanfare, particularly in the voicing of chords, but with idiosyncratic methods of creating polyphony through the use of displacement, gives the piece an identity of its own.  Composed 2013
Audio sample courtesy Monash University Flute Ensemble, directed by Peter Sheridan (Move MD 3366) 2013

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 Fanfare for Uncommon Flutes - sheet music and audio

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 ISMN 9790720133805


Il Baco (piccolo) by Stephen Yates

Score and part

Piccolo and piano, c.8'50
Composed 1994 rev. 2011
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Il Baco - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720140070


Introduction and Caprice by Paul Paviour

score and parts

Piccolo and Piano, c.4'15
Composed 2013.
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Introduction and Caprice - sheet music 


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 ISMN 9790720140698


Six Clumsy Dances by Houston Dunleavy

Two Scores

Duet for piccolo and subcontrabass flute, or piccolo and contrabass flute.

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 A Clumsy Fairy Dance - sheet music
 A Clumsy Samba - sheet music
 A Clumsy Jig - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720106458


Six Clumsy Dances #2 (piccolo and tuba) by Houston Dunleavy

Two Scores

 ISMN 9790720140360


Skimming by Houston Dunleavy


Solo piccolo, c.6'00
This piece conveys the idea of skimming along a surface, and bouncing up only to hit again, and gradually to run out of energy only to be skipping along again with a new burst of speed in as many musical parameters as possible.  With fast, irregular rhythms, there are harmonic considerations too. It is based on a series of pentachords, usually presented in groups of two that sometimes have notes in common.   Composed 2013.

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 Skimming - sheet music

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 ISMN 9790720140261