3. HSC Music 1 & 2, Music for 20th and 21st Centuries - Book 3 by Meryl Jackson-Kew, Aleksandar Vujic

Teaching Resource

A comprehensive study workbook with music examples, questions, activities and answers within the topic Music for 20th and 21st Centuries

This book is the third in a series of books that are topic based and are suitable for study in Preliminary and HSC courses of Music in the NSW BOSTES syllabi.
Each topic booklet explores the six concepts of music- pitch, duration, texture, tone colour, structure, dynamics and expressive techniques as well as unity and contrast.
All the exercises and questions throughout are designed to be analysed at the student’s pace and not under examination conditions. They can be used to enhance practise in writing graphic notation and aural analysis. Each listening example has a main question on which to focus, as well as the inclusion of other activities which will provide a variety of ways to approach aural analysis.
At the conclusion of each listening example is a summary of the unity and contrast found within the music.
We have given our own interpretation of how each question can be approached and this can be used as a guide to the analysis of the musical themes.
Written 2016

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Music of the 20th and 21st Centuries - samples

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 ISBN 9781876829475


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