Our commitment to Australian Composers and Musicians

Since its establishment in 1987, Wirripang has become the leading Australian independent print music publisher of classical and jazz Australian music.

The aim of Wirripang is to encourage Australian composers and musicians with a like-minded passion and vision for quality music and to assist them in every way possible by promoting their music. In so doing, Wirripang is also publishing teaching resource books, compilation print music albums and producing CDs to showcase composers' works.

Wirripang pays its composers  generous royalties on direct sales, so buy direct from Wirripang to support its composers for their intellectual input.

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Featured Products

Piano music by Mark John McEncroe. Musical images of Monet's garden paintings with a contemporary feel by considerable use of jazz harmonies expertly performed by the eclectic pianist, John Martin.

War Letters - CD
New Music commemorating WWI 
War Letters bring into focus the day to day experiences of the men and women taken up by war.  From their personal memories we can reflect on the enormous impact it had, and continues to have, in our present lives and empathise with those individuals.

Çanakkale: Gallipoli Songs - CD    
In commemoration of the ANZAC Centenary in 2015 this is a tribute to the soldiers who fought on the shores of Gallipoli.  Australian and Turkish composers contributed to this project with sensitive and emotive works.