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Australian Heritage by Various composers


The Australian Heritage Series is the result of research into twentieth century Australian musical composition carried out at the Australian National University by Professor Larry Sitsky. The selection of works included in this series has been made by Professor Sitsky, who has acted as the general editor.  Additional works have been added to this series by David Wickham of Edith Cowan University, WA, who has researched and edited further unpublished music, mostly songs and choral music.

Roy Agnew
John Antil
Linda Phillips
Margaret Sutherland
Raymond Hanson
Mirrie Hill
Miriam Hyde
James Penberthy
Dorian La Gallienne
Phyllis Campbell
Donald Banks
Hooper Brewster-Jones
Horace Perkins
Monica Eagles
Fritz Bennike Hart
George Loughlin
Alexander Burnard
Felix Werder
Meta Overman



To produce these three volumes within this Collection, Dr Jeanell Carrigan has researched and edited almost 50 piano works of Australian women composers, most of which have never been published. Each volume is accompanied by a CD of its works recorded by Jeanell.  See all three volumes




Awesome Aural by Joanne Burrows

Resource book for HSC Music 1 Aural Skills

HELPFUL HINTS and handwritten format to improve HSC AURAL answers.

•    Study suggestions
•    Practice questions
•    Sample answers

- Do You have a problem?
- Creative Ways to Study Aural
- Exam strategies: writing the answer in the exam
- Suggestions for setting out your HSC Music 1 Aural answers
- Always-Often-Never
- Suggested Outlines
The book is  available as instant download only and is priced accordingly to assist students with their HSC aural music exam.
Compiled 2017
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 ISBN 9781876829490

Composing Against the Tide by Jeanell Carrigan


Early twentieth century Australian women composers and their piano music.

There were a relatively large number of women born in Australia between 1860 and 1915 who became composers of piano music. For many of them this was not an easy task. They did not always receive encouragement. Certainly many could not earn a living at this creative work and they battled not only the gender inequality that still largely exists today but also against musical fashion and trends that their works did not always reflect, as well as the backlash which came from being born into a ‘colonial’ country.

This is their story.

Australian Heritage Collection - the piano works of these women have been published in three volumes as researched and edited by Jeanell. Each volume contains a CD of the works within.
A CD Nostalgia has been released with many of these works recorded by Jeanell.  It was featured as ABC Classic FM "CD of the week", November 2016.  All available online: http://www.australiancomposers.com.au/australian-heritage-series/australian-women-composers-piano-anthology-1

 ISBN 9781876829421


Nostalgia by Jeanell Carrigan


Jeanell Carrigan (piano)
Alfred Hill, the Australian composer is reputed to have said “To me there are only two kinds of music - good or bad. All old music has at one time been modern and all modern music will one day become old so why worry? Time is a great critic that puts them in their place”.
The piano compositions on this recording have been deliberately chosen because of their beauty, their inherent musicality, the craft and skill of the composers and their appeal to the listener. Not considered in their selection was any decision based on whether the style was the fashion at the time of their composition. All of the composers on this recording are Australian women who were born between 1862 and 1915.
To support this recording, Dr Jeanell Carrigan has researched and compiled three volumes of scores of these and additional piano works, most of which have not previously been published.  These volumes, together with individual CDs, are available online.
Wirr 080


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 1   A Water Colour (Katherine Parker)
 2   The Watermill (Ester Kahn)
 3   The Lake (Dulcie Holland)
 4   Pastorale (Peggy Glanville Hicks)
 5   Country Dance (Iris de Cairos Rego)
 6   Prelude No. I (Florence Donaldson Ewart)
 7   Prelude No. II (Florence Donaldson Ewart)  
 8   Prelude No. III (Florence Donaldson Ewart)
 9   Prelude (Phyllis Batchelor)
 10  Sarabande (Phyllis Batchelor)
 11  Dithyramb - a ballet (Margaret Sutherland)
 12  Ballerina (Miriam Hyde)
 13  Arc-e Ciel (Katherine Parker)
 14  The Ballerina (Marjorie Hesse)
 15  Gavotte (Mona McBurney)
 16  Waltz in E (Iris de Cairos Rego)
 17  Echo de Vienne (Esther Rofe)
 18  Valse Gracieuse (Marjorie Hesse)
 19  Marche Grotesque (Una Bourne)
20  Melody in Ab (Mary Bowden)
21  Miniature Variations on a Theme in A minor (Esther Rofe)
22  Ritsel (Meta Overman)
23  Will o'the Wisp (Mirrie Hill)
 24  Prelude (Mirrie Hill)
 25  Fun (Mirrie Hill)
 26  Meditation (Nellie Cuddigan)
 27  Nocturne for Piano (Dulcie Holland)
 28  Nocturne (Katherine Parker)



Senior Music by Meryl Jackson-Kew, Aleksandar Vujic

Teaching Resource

A comprehensive resource textbook for Elective Senior Music

Senior Music is a collection of music pieces that are suitable for music study in years 10, 11 and 12.  It has been designed for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (already covered in our published books 2 and 3), Queensland, Western Australian, Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Certificate of Education and Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training. 
Each topic explores the concepts/elements of music-pitch, duration/rhythm, texture, tone colour/timbre, structure/form, dynamics and expressive techniques, as well as unity and contrast.
Further exploration of each music work is enhanced through research questions in the Musicology section of the book.  This section requires the student to use the process of critical and creative thinking when investigating, analysing and evaluating the music. 
All exercises and questions are designed to be analysed at the student's pace and not under examination conditions.  They can be used to enhance practise in writing graphic notation and aural analysis.  Each excerpt of music has a main focus question.  Also included are other activities which will provide various approaches to aural analysis. 
Music educators and students have options to choose which content from the textbook is relevant to their curriculum and study needs.  The book is also indexed.
Written 2017

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Music - samples

Contents, Listening Guide and Resources


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 ISBN 9781876829483